When it comes to filling out tax papers, the tax system may be complex and perplexing. This also applies to Arizona citizens. In this post, we’ll define Arizona tax forms, explain why you need them, and give information on the most common return types and where you can receive the appropriate documentation for Arizona income tax.

What exactly are Arizona tax forms, and why are they required?

To pay taxes or obtain a tax refund, Arizona tax forms must be completed and filed with the tax authorities. These forms provide information on your income, tax credits, and other factors that influence the calculation of your Arizona tax due.

Arizona’s Most Popular Declaration Forms

  • Arizona Individual Tax Liability Declaration (Form 140). Individuals utilize this form to file their Arizona tax liability return.
  • Form 140EZ – Arizona Individual Tax Liability Return Simplified. This form is for taxpayers whose income is straightforward and does not need sophisticated computations or tax deductions.
  • Forms 120A and 120 – Non-Arizona residents’ tax liability returns. These papers are for those who are not permanent residents of Arizona yet get income from there.

Where can I obtain Arizona tax forms?

Income tax forms for Arizona can be obtained and filled in the following ways:

  • Online: The Arizona Department of Revenue’s official website allows you to download and print the necessary tax forms. Go to the website (pdfliner.com) and look for the tax forms area. There, you may download the forms in a convenient format and read the filling instructions.
  • Local Department of Revenue offices: Tax forms can be obtained at Department of Revenue offices located across Arizona. Request the relevant paperwork at the local office.
  • Tax consultants and Accountants: If you need expert assistance filling your tax forms, contact tax consultants or accountants who are familiar with Arizona tax laws. They will be able to offer you with forms as well as assist you in filling them out appropriately based on your individual scenario.


Completing Arizona tax forms is a necessary step in either paying taxes or collecting a tax refund. Knowing the fundamental return forms and accurately completing them can assist you in dealing with your tax responsibilities to the state of Arizona. Don’t forget to seek expert assistance if you have any queries or concerns.