Phoenix-based IT service provider Adopt Technologies has officially merged with Visory (, a prominent technology management, cybersecurity, and hosting solutions provider catering to accounting firms, wealth managers, construction companies, and various small to medium-sized businesses designed to scale as they grow.

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Since its establishment in 2004, Adopt Technologies has been a stalwart in the IT industry. Forbes has recognized Adopt as one of the best Management Consulting Firms four years in a row, together with the Inc. 5000 designation for the last six years.  Under the leadership of Brett Helgeson, Adopt Technologies has seen impressive financial success with high client retention rates, a skilled team, enduring partnerships, and organic, referral-driven client acquisition. Over the past twelve years, the company has averaged year-over-year revenue growth over 30%.

The merger of Adopt Technologies and Visory capitalizes on their respective strengths to deliver more comprehensive support, services, and reach. Adopt joins Visory to offer enterprise-level technology solutions and cybersecurity services to the SMB community that may have previously found such services out of reach, either because they were too expensive or because there was no solution to integrate existing infrastructure. As smaller and medium-sized companies seek to be more competitive in remote and hybrid cloud work environments, this merger brings more help to tackle the day-to-day technology and cybersecurity challenges they face.  

The President and CEO of Adopt Technologies, Brett Helgeson, will assume the role of President within the Visory team.  Brett is driven by his unwavering commitment to building a strong, resilient, client- and employee-centric organization by creating meaningful, long-term relationships with team members, clients, and partners.  Adopt’s CTO, Ryan Treisman, will continue serving Visory as their CTO.  Dustin Thompson, Adopt’s Director of Project Management, will assume the Director of Project Management and Implementation role at Visory.

“This combination has been planned for a long time, and the entire Adopt Technologies team eagerly anticipates integrating with and bringing its talents to Visory while gaining amazing talent, resources, and national service expansion capabilities that Adopt has not had previously.  We look forward to fostering a dynamic company that is an employer of choice and an esteemed IT partner,” said Helgeson at the announcement. 

“Adopt Technologies clients have come to expect excellent cloud hosting and IT services, support, and partnership that goes beyond IT services.  We deeply care about our clients and team members; we wouldn’t be going on this journey if we didn’t wholeheartedly believe it would benefit all parties.  We fully expect to expand on the attributes that have made Adopt successful, and we will work tirelessly to deliver a thoughtful, seamless merge of operations.  One thing that will not change is our heartfelt commitment to say: Relax, we’ve got you.”

Visory Chief Executive Officer Bob Hollander said, “We’re absolutely thrilled to welcome the Adopt Technologies team into our family. At Visory, we believe that world-class technology and cybersecurity should be accessible to every organization, and this merger reinforces that belief in a significant way. Together, we’re not just combining IT capabilities and resources; we’re igniting a spark that will revolutionize the way businesses harness technology. As we join forces, we’re not just merging companies; we’re creating a shared culture where innovation and collaboration will thrive like never before.”