If you have ever used LinkedIn, then you know the struggle that comes with prospecting for new clients. The trouble and headaches that come with having to send those follow-up messages and also having to keep an eye for what potential client has seen your message. That’s where ProspectIn comes in. LinkedIn prospecting doesn’t have to be so tedious and boring anymore for you. It has countless benefits to the user. It covers you in all areas when using LinkedIn. Below are some discussed advantages of using ProspectIn.

1. It relieves the extra duties of sending those follow-up messages

Sending follow-up messages is mostly done to get a potential client’s attention to the services that you offer. This is usually sent when the client who is a LinkedIn member has accepted your invitation to connect and for those using premium services in LinkedIn, it can be sent even without first connecting to your client. ProspectIn sends these follow-up messages for you. All you need to do is save the message you want to be send and your work is made easier. This is turn saves you a lot of time and money while also increasing the odds of you closing deals with new clients.

2. It deepens your market intelligence

A saying goes that a man who is not a traveler assumes that his mother cooks the best. Potential clients are bombarded by a lot of different people who try to get them to give them the same job you are applying for. You have to be intelligent for you to stand out in the middle of this crowd to be chosen. Your potential clients in LinkedIn want an intelligent person to work for them and also a skilled person. PropectIn deepens your market intelligence by sending a quality text that portrays intelligence and professionalism thus attracting these customers to your account.

3. ProspectIn frees you of arrogance

In LinkedIn, you need to prospect to get clients. The notion that clients will come on their own does not apply to online jobs and certainly not to LinkedIn. You need to prospect to be able to get more clients. ProspectIn will prospect for you and gain you more followers. You can use this app to your advantage by just feeding it the message you need it to pass to your potential client and it will prospect for you. Also, it sends these connection messages faster compared to emailing the messages. Many people in LinkedIn will open the app thirty to fifty times a day compared to ten to twenty-five that people click on their email accounts. This means that the message will get to the intended party faster and the probability of the replying is high.

These three facts just prove that ProspectIn is your ultimate answer to getting the most out of LinkedIn. It is cheaper, faster, and convenient to do all your linking through LinkedIn. Try using it and exploring its features and experience the new era of working smart.


Subhadip Roy is a Sales & Marketing Manager of BDN GROUPS and Founder of BiggermatterUpcoming Generation. He is a passionate writer and always tries to write something new so that the reader enjoys reading.