The commercial space industry is hot, and if Vector has its way, it is going to get even hotter. With the help of Citrix Systems, Inc., Tucson-based Vector is pioneering a next-generation platform to provide affordable access to the Final Frontier and an efficient, intelligent way for entrepreneurs to collaborate and bring their innovations to life.

“We want to give a blank canvas to the artists of the mind who will develop new use cases that create value in society,” says Jim Cantrell, CEO, Vector.

Building on its relationship since 2017 to develop the next generation of satellites, Vector is now extending its use of Citrix technology to include remote launch capabilities.

Combining dedicated, low-cost launches with software-defined satellites, Vector aims to increase the speed of going into orbit. “We want to make it possible for users who don’t have a lot of time to launch when they want so that we can realize the 21st century that we were all promised,” says John Garvey, President, Launch Services, Vector.

The company also wants to make work simpler and more efficient. “Our ultimate vision is one of space app developers being able to develop satellite applications on their desktop computer and upload them to an already orbiting satellite constellation yielding nearly instant data and revenue,” Cantrell said.

Enter Citrix. “Citrix technologies allow Vector to manage launches anywhere in the world from their California-based mission control faster, better and cheaper,” says Steve Wilson, Vice President, Product for Cloud and IoT, Citrix. “An even more unique use of Citrix, by Vector is that our solutions are the foundation of the compute cloud Vector is building that will enable the next-generation of the space-based economy by enabling entrepreneurs to put their applications into orbit and build new businesses.”

Using Citrix virtualization technologies, Vector is creating a virtualized satellite environment that will host customer applications running in space. And with Citrix® Workspace™ and Citrix networking solutions, it has built an intelligent and secure digital workspace through which mission control can collaborate with remote teams wherever they happen to be to launch, monitor and control rockets.

“Satellites right now are about as smart as your dishwasher,” Cantrell says. “With Citrix, we’re adding a smart layer where entrepreneurs don’t actually have to build satellites and our teams can collaborate from wherever they are to drive optimal results.”

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