Since SEO is an advanced and versatile field, it can sometimes be annoying as well, especially if you are pinning your hopes on obsolete methods that have no existence in the present. This is the reason you have to be well aware of the current methods and learn constantly.

Asael Dreyer SEO blog is a complete example of SEO blog. As they have worked a lot to make more unique and engaging content for his blog. Keeping himself updated with the latest tips of SEO gave his content meaning.

SEO has become more complex in 2020, being more than just creating links, building old content, and including some keywords to upgrade your search rankings and increment your business’s perceptibility.

Keep yourself updated to acknowledge:

  • Changing trends
  • Changes in algorithm
  • Advance technology
  • Your target audience.

SEO is not about indulging more people in your content or high trafficking towards your website. It is also about providing a valuable experience and giving rise to leads and revenue.

Important SEO tips to understand it better

If you put your focus on the following tips, you’ll most probably indulge more organic traffic to your content and refine your search rankings without endangering a google penalty.

Remove unwanted things leading to slow down your website.

Users have to wait for 5 minutes for a fully loaded news site. Rather, it is not a good experience because it demotivates people to go through your website and discourages them from buying your products that may eventually lead to a decline in your sales. Even a delay of 1 second in loading a website can result in a huge decline in your sales.

Potential buyers don’t tend to trust a slow site because they assume it is an untrustworthy site. Page speed is something significant to both search engines and users. The majority of people give up on a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.

Linking to other websites with applicable content

Many people believe that linking to other relevant pages may not be the solution as it may divert people from their page, which is not good in their stance. But it is also highly believed that linking to other relevant sites results in a high-quality search engine optimization policy.

It cannot be expected from others if you are not ready to give first. For instance, if you are looking for inbound links from other sites, then you have to do it first from your content willingly.

A good SEO practice can be followed if you link out to other websites that offer immense value.

First, write for humans and then for search engines.

It is time to change your mindset because it is humans who are reading your content. Prioritizing the search engine over humans would be another mistake you might make. The more the reader will understand your content, the more he will value your hard work because they will pay for your product and refer it to others. So setting your value in the eyes of the reader is essential.

Aseal Dreyers SEO blog page is my #1 go-to site because it puts its readers first. When you are writing, you have to prioritize humans first and then the search engines to create such content that will surely help someone.

Appreciate other authentic websites to consider you

Linking content is all about creating high-end quality, appealing content and urging people’s needs to link to your content and share it on other social media platforms.

It is also extremely essential to invest your time, money, and resources into creating each post or other meaningful content. When you link out to others’ content, you will eventually be linked by other sites naturally. And this is the true essence of successful link building.

Take the assistance of web analytics at the start.

After the settlement of search engine optimization objectives, you should look for software that can track what’s going on and what’s not. This software helps you determine where you are standing now and where will you be in the future. In simple words, this software determines your success.

Having this software is mandatory before sending your first visit to your landing page.

The unique meta description for each page

The most neglected tip when it comes to SEO is the meta description. The meta description is supposed to be well-made since meta description is the first portion that the viewers view as soon as Google serves up your page.

If you want to be successful in the long run, you need to remove duplication from your content as search engines do not like it. Users often need to cite a sentence or paragraph from another site, which is fine, but duplicating someone’s content and publishing it under your name will be a hurdle in your way to success.

Usage of meaningful URLs

It would help if you used a meaningful and readable URL, preventing the search engine from being confused. Even if the URL is long but easy to read for the viewer, then you are good to go. If there are no numbers or characters and only dashes and words, you are ready to go.

Use of Correct keywords in images

Google has devoted its complete portion of search results to images. This tells how concerned the search engine is with images.

Publish unique content

To give rise to your ranking, you need to create different and unique content and update it consistently to improve your ranking because engaging and appealing content is a challenge for most people.


This article will help you learn many things about the latest SEO tips that many people don’t know or don’t even bother to know. Many tips have been highlighted above to enlighten you about the recent development in the SEO world that can help your content rank at the top.

Furthermore, an example of Asael Dreyer is also given to make you understand how he has modified his blog and how well he has maintained SEO in his content.