Phoenix Social Security disability attorney Stephanie Lake, of the Law Offices of Stephanie Lake, P.C., answers the top four most frequently asked questions about Social Security disability claims.

Most people, and many general lawyers, do not understand the complex Social Security Administration disability laws. “It is crucial that you understand what you need to prove legally in order to win your case, which is why retaining an experienced Social Security disability attorney is essential,” said attorney Stephanie Lake, founder of the Law Offices of Stephanie Lake, P.C.

To further educate people about Social Security disability claims, Lake, who is a board-certified specialist in Social Security disability law, asks and answers the following four questions:

No. 1: What is my case worth if I win? The amount one will win depends on several factors. “This includes how long you have been disabled, when or if you will ever be able to work again, the amount of your monthly benefit and whether you have eligible dependents,” noted Lake.   

No. 2: Is there a list of conditions that Social Security considers disabling? No. Most illnesses can vary from minor to severe, but there is no single list. “Disability cases are won based on your limitations, not your symptoms,” added Lake.

No. 3: Do you have to be permanently disabled to get Social Security benefits? The answer again is no. “You have to become disabled or expect to be disabled for at least one year,” stated Lake.

No. 4: How long do I have to wait after becoming disabled to get Social Security benefits? “You can file for benefits immediately,” concluded Lake.

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