Do you have an idea for the next brilliant social media platform, fitness tracker, travel planner, or something entirely new? Now’s the time to bring it to life! Scottsdale Community College (SCC) is working with Apple to teach students the skills needed to develop apps for the ubiquitous iOS ecosystem. The courses will be available starting in the Spring 2022 semester.

The “Everyone Can Code” curriculum developed by Apple is designed to give students with creative problem-solving skills the knowledge they need to bring an exciting new app to market or to take advantage of the increasing job opportunities in the tech field. Careers in software development are primed for a boom over the next decade, with the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimating a 22% increase by 2030 — nearly tripling the average growth rate.

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Designed to be accessible to first-time coders or aspiring developers, the curriculum covers the spectrum of industry-essential skills. Starting with the basics of understanding hardware and software components and learning about various programming languages, students will soon be able to create document structured and object-oriented programs utilizing Swift and Xcode, laying the foundation to design, write, test, debug, and implement custom apps using the iOS app development process.

“Creative minds looking to get hands-on experience in a rapidly growing field will be a perfect fit for this program,” says Dan Combellick, SCC Computer Information Systems department chair. “Since Apple designed this curriculum, students know they will be getting exactly the skills they need to bring their ideas to life — and maybe build the next big thing.”

For more information on the “Everyone Can Code” courses, visit the iOS App Development program page. The Spring 2022 semester starts January 15, 2022.