Millions of people are smiling with confidence post Invisalign Teen aligner treatment. It is not just about numbers, but making people opt for teeth straightening treatment without the stress of metal mouth syndrome attached to traditional metal or ceramic braces. The effectiveness of the Invisalign treatment is unquestionably as great as the metal braces, but the outcome depends on suitability, level of dental complexity, and most importantly how long you wear aligners without a break.

Just like any other orthodontic treatment, the success of Invisalign Teen also depends on oral hygiene and care. Unlike traditional metal braces, which make patients self-conscious of appearance, Invisalign Teen offers you the much-needed discreteness to enjoy a social life without the stress of undue attention.   

Your orthodontist will examine the suitability of Invisalign Teen, as it is not recommended for exceptionally complex dental structure, but you have to wear the aligner for at least 20-22 hours daily to get the desired teeth straightening result in stipulated treatment duration. One factor that made Invisalign Teen a successful orthodontic device is the freedom to remove it before meals and oral care regimen. Remove it whenever you need it, but don’t forget to wear it as not wearing it for long could bring moving teeth back to the original position. You will achieve your teeth straightening treatment goal, but you might have to wear aligners for longer than mentioned in the treatment plan and of course additional cost.      

Invisalign Teen is the most recommended treatment for correcting dental misalignment challenges, especially for adolescents. Made of high-quality transparent plastic material, it gives you the much-needed freedom to smile freely without the stress of viability of traditional orthodontic devices. Aligners are designed using highly advanced computing technology as per the unique specification of an individual, so it fits snuggly on teeth making the teeth straightening journey more comfortable, compared to braces treatment.

Many orthodontists recommend Invisalign Teen for kids aged 6-10 years for best results, but many wait until the kids’ baby teeth have fallen out. It all depends on the level of the complexity of the dental structure of an individual teen, so consult your orthodontist and go for a thorough diagnosis to examine the suitability of the Invisalign Teen. It is very challenging to train kids to wear aligners religiously for the best results. Removability gives you a great advantage, but you have to train your kid to wear aligners, as per instruction, for a minimum of 20-22 hours to get desired teeth straightening outcome in a specified time. 

If your kid wears aligners religiously during the treatment, s/he will have functionally better and aesthetically brilliant straighter teeth in a few months. The growing popularity of Invisalign Teen suggests that it is not just highly effective in correcting structural anomalies of teeth but making your kid more confident by giving him the much-needed discreteness. Invisalign, made of transparent thermoplastic, has revolutionised orthodontics and this become possible because it offers benefits like: 

• Much needed discreteness of the orthodontic device

• High-quality thermoplastic material for maximum comfort during treatment

• Freedom of removability to help people enjoy favorite foods and maintain oral hygiene

• Ease of use

• High tech customization to make treatment more precise and effective

• Relatively less treatment duration as compared to metal or ceramic braces   

Reviews on Invisalign – Transparent Orthodontic Treatment

Invisalign aligner is currently the best and most popular orthodontic treatment to bring misaligned teeth in the right position. The discreteness of this orthodontic device makes it the favourite of all, especially appearance-conscious teens and adults. The era of unsightly wires and brackets is gone, thanks to clear aligners like Invisalign. 

Invisalign is a transparent and removable orthodontic device, available in a version suitable for teens, which uses natural biomechanical force to move misaligned teeth to the desired position as per the treatment plan.

Besides the much-acknowledged benefit of discreteness, Invisalign aligners offer you several other advantages over traditional braces including removability. The freedom to remove it makes it the best option for those who want to straighten teeth without sacrificing favorite food, as required in traditional braces treatment. Besides, you can remove it as per your convenience and need for comfort, and of course for oral hygiene practice.

Freedom of removability comes with the responsibility to wear aligners for recommended 20-22 hours daily, otherwise, you won’t get results, at least not within the specified time. So, wear the aligner 24×7 and remove it only while eating and cleaning your teeth. 

Invisalign Review – An Alternative To Lingual Braces

Orthodontists used to recommend Lingual braces, to those who were apprehensive about the unsightly visibility of wire and brackets of traditional metal braces. Lingual braces are as effective as traditional braces, but these are placed on the posterior surface of the teeth to make them less visible. Placing them on the side of the tongue makes them uncomfortable, at least while talking or laughing.

Invisibility at the cost of comfort is not a great choice for aligning the dentition. Besides discomfort, it is fixed so you cannot remove them before the meal, forget about dental hygiene during the treatment. Here comes Invisalign, offering advantages of discreteness, comfort, removability, hygiene, and the ultimate straightening outcome in less time. 

Lingual braces are good, but only when your orthodontist is exceptionally great to position them in the right position and observe the progress frequently without affecting your dental system. It is very tough to maintain oral hygiene with lingual braces– the most important aspect as keeping teeth healthy is more important than straightening them. The answer is Invisalign, as it solves all your worries, of course, at some additional cost.