Long-time Valley media member and marketing and event specialist at AZ Big Media, Lynette Carrington, is teaming up with Ari Levin, Executive Director at The Madison Center for the Arts and Executive Producer at JOLON Productions, to create a brand-new podcast focused on performing arts, music, dance, film, and more.

The podcast, named The Arts Scene Podcast with Lynette and Ari, will engage listeners into all facets of the arts scene in Phoenix and beyond including information about upcoming performances and productions, surprise celebrity guests, and an additional component covering education and philanthropy. The Arts Scene Podcast with Lynette and Ari was officially released on Sept. 27, on every podcast platform and will continue on a weekly basis every Tuesday thereafter.

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Carrington and Levin are thrilled to speak with high-level executives, decision makers, and creatives from the worlds of theatre, dance, music, film, and related productions on the show. The current line-up includes acclaimed actor, Lee Arenberg, Ballet Arizona’s Director of Marketing, Mallory Porter, and the Principal Conductor of the Phoenix Symphony, Tito Muñoz.

“I look forward to giving listeners in-depth insight into the arts, and the intricacies of how productions are brought to the stage and screen during interviews with key people in the industry,” said Levin.

“I love that this podcast delves into interesting topics in the arts world and gives everyone a ‘peek-behind-the-curtain’ perspective at how theaters are using unique platforms to entertain and educate,” said Carrington. “I am thrilled that I get to co-host this podcast with such an accomplished executive director who has an incredible wealth of performing arts knowledge.”

The Arts Scene Podcast with Lynette and Ari is sponsored by the Wise Scholarship Program by The Steele Family Foundation and will be available on Apple, Spotify, iHeart, Audible, Stitcher, Google Podcasts, TheSteeleFamilyFoundation.com, and any other platform where podcasts are available.

The podcast will be housed at a dedicated link at https://link.edgepilot.com/s/8e5128ba/J-YVux1nB0GY8A5j3jLQuA?u=http://www.thesteelefamilyfoundation.com/, beginning Tuesday, Sept. 27, and available on all podcast platforms.