In a ceremony at City Hall, APS presented Mayor Jerry Weiers and the Glendale City Council with a check for $504,951, representing the total amount of the rebate the city received from APS for energy savings due to the city’s LED conversion.

“This is a big check that has a big, positive impact on our city finances,” said Mayor Weiers. “Changing to LED streetlight bulbs was a pretty bright idea for several reasons. It lowers the city’s energy and maintenance costs, and it also improves traffic safety for our citizens.”

The city is receiving the APS EnergyStar rebates for removing 18,500 high-pressure sodium lights and replacing them with energy-efficient LED lights. Overall, the LED conversions are projected to save the city more than $700,000 in yearly reduced energy costs and ongoing annual maintenance costs.

The LED conversion in Glendale was a very successful project. The conversion modernized the city’s street lighting system while paying for itself through energy and maintenance savings in five to six years. City staff worked with APS and Ameresco to complete this changeout exactly one year after city council provided the go-ahead through the budget process. “This is an example of how cities can invest to be more sustainable, environmentally friendly and fiscally responsible to benefit taxpayers by adopting new energy-efficient technology,” said City Engineer David Beard.

Including the APS rebate and recycling reimbursements, city officials expect to recoup all of the $4.6 million frontend capital investment spent on the LED conversions over the next five to six years through ongoing annual energy and maintenance cost savings.

The Citywide LED Streetlight Conversion project began last fall and was completed this past June.