Exports from Arizona companies climbed by over 20% in 2021, reaching near-record levels set prior to the pandemic and signaling renewed strength in Arizona’s economy. Exports reached $24.1 billion last year, an increase from $19.8 billion in 2020 and just under the $24.6 billion mark set in 2019.

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Semiconductor exports saw a 50.5% rise, reaching $4.2 billion, the 4th highest in the nation. Arizona exports that increased in other industries included:

$3.8 billion (+52.9%) – Aerospace products and part

• Ranked 9th in the nation

$2.0 billion (+37.5%) – Metal ores

• Ranked 2nd in the nation

$1.2 billion (+21.3%) – Navigational, measuring, electromedical and control instruments

• Ranked 14th in the nation

$1.0 billion (+18.3%) – Electrical equipment and components, not elsewhere classified:

• Ranked 6th in the nation

In addition, Arizona’s manufacturing exports increased by over 20% in 2021, reaching $20.2 billion.

Mexico and Canada ranked as Arizona’s largest export partners, with countries like Ireland, China, New Zealand, Colombia and Turkey seeing sizable increases in exported goods over the last year.

Governor Ducey outlined the resilient state of Arizona’s international partnerships at the International State of the State hosted by the Phoenix Committee on Foreign Relations. The speech coincided with a surge in international investment helping drive Arizona’s record economic development.

According to FDI Markets, between Jan. 2016 to Dec. 2021, Arizona experienced 140 business attractions or expansions from international companies, representing the addition of 18,560 projected jobs and more than $19 billion in projected capital investment.