Let’s face it. Most of us are all about finding silver linings this particular New Year’s, and there was one that definitely shined bright Thursday night in Phoenix thanks to one Arizona food blogger.

Back in March when the pandemic hit, Arizona food blogger, Diana Brandt also known as @AZFoodie  wasted little to no time by creating a “virtual tip jar,” beginning her initiative on Instagram and TikTok as part of a social media challenge asking for community donations to support small and locally-owned restaurants who were struggling throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Upon raising monies, she has been roaming across Metro Phoenix, surprising servers, restaurant staff and even owners with tips up to $2,000 after eating a meal, receiving great service and signing her bill.

What started out with raising up to $2,000 back in August, has increased to approximately $65,000 after popular daytime talk show host Drew Barrymore caught wind and featured her giveback campaign on-air.

So Diana certainly hasn’t stopped there.

Knowing New Year’s Eve celebrations were going to look much different than ever before, Diana hit the streets to surprise three local Phoenix restaurants with her generous “virtual tip jar,” and the tears flowed at Salut Kitchen Bar in TempeMingle + Graze in Chandler and Charm Thai Cuisine in Chandler.

Grab your tissues and watch Diana’s Instagram stories live as she tipped large and moved hearts tonight. You can also watch the each of the three taped stories here.