The Arizona Lottery announced another big year for giving back to Arizona. Over $1.36 billion in ticket sales allowed the agency to transfer nearly $270 million to our state mandated beneficiaries during Fiscal Year 2022 (July 1, 2021 – June 30, 2022). These monies directly benefit more than a dozen vital programs and services across the Grand Canyon state that would otherwise rely on tax dollars for their funding, including:

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• About $38 million annually to the Arizona Board of Regents’ University Bond Fund, used to secure financing for the construction and maintenance of the infrastructure on the campuses of our state’s three public universities.

• $10 million annually to the Heritage Fund to conserve and protect our state’s iconic landscapes and wildlife.

• $3.5 million annually to the Arizona Competes Fund to foster economic growth across the state and to attract new business while helping current companies to thrive.

• $1 million annually to the Arizona Department of Economic Security, with a significant portion (about 1/3) going to the Central Arizona Shelter System (CASS) to combat homelessness, and to mitigate heat-related illness and COVID-19’s dangers to this especially vulnerable population.

“Lottery players have a tremendous impact on our state,” Arizona Lottery Executive Director Gregg Edgar said. “When our players purchase Arizona Lottery tickets from our network of valued retailers, hundreds of millions of dollars go to fund programs providing critical services to our most at-risk citizens.”

Arizona Lottery ticket sales, now exceeding $1 billion annually for four consecutive years, are the generator that is making these returns to our great state possible. The complete lineup of instant and draw games is available at all 3,200 Arizona Lottery licensed retailers.  Learn more about the Arizona Lottery at