new study found Arizona is the No. 5 best state to hire workers.

There are an unprecedented .5 unemployed workers for every one of the 10.7 million unfilled U.S. jobs. This marks the smallest talent pool for employers this century as the ‘Great Resignation’ endures and ‘Quiet Quitters’ – those who do the bare minimum at work — makes up at least 50% of the workforce.

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This costs employers $7.8 trillion in lost productivity globally, which makes finding top talent critical and business owners are faring better in some states due to a confluence of factors.

CareerCloud today released a study on the Best and Worst States to Hire Workers using data from the Census Bureau, Bureau of Labor Statistics, Tax Foundation, and the St. Louis Fed to analyze five factors critical to hiring: job openings, population growth, education levels, diversity, and business taxes.

The fourth-fastest growing state in the country offers employers a large, well-educated workforce and pro-business regulatory environment. Migration to the state reflects an appreciation for its growing economy, relatively low cost of living, and cultural diversity.

Key Findings:

 No. 5 Arizona: Ranked No. 23 in business tax policies, No. 4 in population increase, No. 29 for adults with bachelor’s degrees, No. 12 for diversity, and No. 10 for job openings helped Arizona become the No. 5 best state to hire workers.

Top 10 states: Florida, Washington, Delaware, Nevada, Arizona, North Carolina, Texas, Utah, New Hampshire, Colorado. Eight of these are in the top quartile for population growth.

Bottom 5 States: West Virginia, Ohio, Louisiana, Kentucky, and Rhode Island.

View the study for the complete methodology and data in every state.