Clean energy investments and incentives – passed thanks to President Biden and Congressional Democrats – have turbocharged our clean energy economy in Arizona. Since becoming law on August 16th, clean energy companies have announced new energy projects in droves, looking to utilize the incentives found in President Biden’s historic clean energy plan, also referred to as the Inflation Reduction Act. With these announcements, companies across Arizona are set to employ clean energy workers of all backgrounds—from electricians and construction workers to engineers and support staff. Most of these jobs will not require a 4-year degree.

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According to the latest Climate Power Clean Energy Boom report, clean energy projects creating 142,016 new jobs in 41 states have been announced or advanced since August 16th, 2022. The 190+ new clean energy projects nationwide total $193.3 billion in investments, spur economic growth everywhere.

In Arizona, 12,700 clean energy jobs have been announced or moved forward since President Biden’s clean energy plan became law.

“Thanks to President Biden’s clean energy plan, clean energy companies have announced or moved forward with more than 142,000 clean energy jobs for construction workers, electricians, engineers, mechanics, support staff, and more,” said State House Minority Leader Andrés Cano. “In Arizona, the climate and clean energy investments have already spurred $8.31 Billion in investment and created or moved forward with over 12,720 good-paying clean energy jobs. New industries and Made in America supply chains are being created in critical areas such as batteries and expanded electric vehicle assembly – and the clean energy boom is just getting started. It will reshape and recharge our economy for decades to come.”

You can access the report here.