The Arizona Technology Council, in partnership with Global Village Ventures LLC, today announced the INNOVATE Phoenix book is available for purchase. Backed by online augmented reality video canvases on most features when using the free Global Village app, the tech-enabled coffee-table book features a collection of stories and testimonials from the top technology companies and leaders in the city.

The Council assisted in curating the stories and serves as the book’s premier sponsor. In addition to the Council, organizations showcased include Arizona Commerce Authority, Arizona State University, Benchmark, PADT, Sonora Quest Laboratories and WebPT. Books can be purchased by emailing Global Village Publishing Partner Gill Wagner at

“Phoenix’s technology ecosystem is thriving, and it’s rewarding to see representation of the outstanding people and companies that are bringing innovation to life,” said Steven G. Zylstra, president and CEO of the Council. “Thank you to all of the participants and partners that made INNOVATE Phoenix possible.”

INNOVATE Phoenix includes over 200 pages and features more than 70 companies and leaders from Arizona’s technology community. The book has 12 chapters, with the first chapter showcasing individual leaders and the rest outlining innovative companies within various technology sectors.

Industries and sectors highlighted include:

• Future Cities and Community Development

• Aerospace and Defense

• Software and App Development

• Technology and Manufacturing

• Healthcare

• Health Tech

• Education and Training

• Marketing and Communications

• Innovation Enablers

• Product and Service Innovations

• Innovations of the World

Global Village leads the Innovations of the World collection and has published INNOVATE books for more than 40 technology communities. INNOVATE Phoenix was developed through the administration of hundreds of interviews with industry leaders.

For more information on INNOVATE PHOENIX and to read the book digitally, visit the link here.