Abrazo West Campus announced that its surgeons have surpassed the 100 procedure milestone for spine surgery with Arizona’s first Loop-X surgical robot imaging system.

Loop-X is literally a circular “loop” that robotically moves around the patient during surgery for live, targeted 3D and 2D cone-beam computed tomography (CT) images and its high-tech Brainlab navigation software provides precision guidance for surgeons during complex surgery.

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“The system works in sync with other devices in the operating room, moving with the procedure and on the surgeon’s command,” said Abrazo West Campus spine surgeon Dr. Brian Vernon.

Abrazo West Campus became the first and only hospital in Arizona to offer the new Loop-X last fall, and was among the first 10 hospitals in the U.S. with the system.

“It robotically aligns to the anatomy so patients do not have to be moved for CT imaging during surgery. Independently moving imaging source and detector panels also help reduce the amount of radiation exposure,” said Dr. Vernon.

Loop-X can be used for spine surgery such as thoracic, lumbar fusion, posterior cervical, sacroiliac joint, joint fusion, lumbar interbody fusion orScoliosis deformity correction procedures. Its cone-shaped CT scans can be manipulated to reduce radiation around surrounding tissue in the operative area, noted Dr. Vernon.

A typical candidate for back surgery using the Loop-X system would be someone who is living with severe back pain that has failed non-operative treatment and is seeking improved quality of life with less pain, added Abrazo West Campus spine surgeon Dr. Anubhav Jagadish.

The Loop-X system can also be used by neurosurgeons during brain tumor procedures.

“It is exciting to be the first hospital in Arizona with this advanced system and to be among the first 10 installations in the country,” said Abrazo West Campus CEO Hans Driessnack. “We are continuing to invest in our hospital to offer advanced technology for high-acuity and complex surgical care for patients in the West Valley.”

Abrazo West Campus, 13677 W. McDowell Rd., is a 216-bed medical center offering complex services including a Level 1 Trauma Center, thrombectomy-capable Primary Plus Stroke Center, cardiology and vascular care, orthopedics, spine and general surgery, obstetrics and more. For more information about Abrazo West Campus or to find a doctor, visit AbrazoHealth.com.