Broadstone Arts District has officially selected Jonathan “Jono Vengo” Vengoechea as the winner of the first-of-its-kind artist contest, which offered local Valley artists the chance of a lifetime to live rent-free while developing their craft and making a name for themselves within the Downtown Phoenix arts community. 

The recently opened and highly anticipated multifamily community, known as a work of art in its own right, selected Jono from a number of deserving candidates due to his impressive self-taught painting techniques, passion for arts and culture, and interest in design.

“I have an extroverted and optimistic personality and a desire to bring out the inner artist in everyone I come in contact with,” said Jono Vengo, local up-and-coming Phoenix artist and winner of the Broadstone Arts District Artist-in-Residence program. “By being selected, I now have the unique opportunity to experiment with a new demographic, collaborate with artists, meet new people in the industry and flourish as a person and as an artist in a creative environment.”  

During his residence, Jono will receive:  

• A four-month lease in a fully-furnished rent-free apartment, provided by Phoenix Center for the Arts and Broadstone Arts District

• The opportunity to publically display his art within the Canvas @ Broadstone throughout the duration of his lease

• The ability to use the Canvas @ Broadstone space to teach his craft and develop a following in the community through art gallery displays, community events, and resident classes and workshops

• Resident events for the month of October include meet-and-greets, art exhibits and more.

In addition, Jono will receive exclusive, one-on-one access to curators and influential mentors within the arts scene. The partnerships include:

• Phoenix Center for the Arts: Broadstone Arts District and Phoenix Center for the Arts coordinated to furnish Jono’s apartment. Their organization will also provide monthly mentoring workshops and they have volunteered to provide the Art Bus to teach art to children who can’t afford the classes.

• Monorchid: Their organization will sponsor monthly mentioning workshops with the owner, Wayne Rainey.

• Artlink: Their organization served on the panel for selecting the winner of the Artist-in-Residence contest, as well as secured a mattress donation from Tuft & Needle for Jono’s furnished apartment. Artlink will also assist in promoting exhibition openings

Broadstone Arts District believes in the value of art and its transformative affect on people and neighborhoods. The Artist-in-Residence Program was designed to find and foster emerging talent from across the Valley. The goal of this opportunity is to elevate the authentic, burgeoning Downtown Phoenix arts culture.

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