AVANA Companies (AVANA), a comprehensive lending and asset management ecosystem, was named a winner of the 2024 FinTech Breakthrough Awards for “Best Real Estate Investment Platform” highlighting EqualSeat. The 8th annual FinTech Breakthrough Awards program recognizes companies and products in the global financial services and technology industry today.

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EqualSeat is a real estate debt investment platform that levels the playing field for retail investors historically excluded from private credit investing, previously reserved for institutional investors and the ultra-wealthy. The platform aims to provide retail investors access to investment in private commercial debt, allowing accredited individual investors to invest a minimum of $5,000 into commercial projects and SMBs. 

“AVANA’s experience in the lending space has driven much of its approach to the platform and our team believes it’s the first step on a long roadmap to democratize access to the private commercial debt market,” says Anish Dhanjee, Senior Product Manager of AVANA Companies. “The AVANA team is proud to be recognized as a 2024 Fintech Breakthrough Award winner and will continue to focus on breaking down barriers to allow individuals the opportunity to co-invest alongside institutional investors on commercial real estate loans.”

Judges selected EqualSeat as the winner through a comprehensive analysis of the FinTech industry that included over 4,000 nominations from all over the globe.  Winners from other categories include Coinbase, J.P Morgan Chase, Ripple, Mastercard, Oportun, Citi, FIS, Moody’s Analytics, Experian, ACI Worldwide, Bill.com, Chime, Jack Henry, Clover, Wolters Kluwer, ADP, and Varo.

For more than 20 years, AVANA Companies’ family of lending and investment platforms has supported small businesses and provided impactful, socially driven investment opportunities that preserve wealth and create growth. Founded by brothers Sundip and Sanat Patel, the Arizona-based company has developed an ecosystem of comprehensive lending and asset management platforms serving entrepreneurs and investors in Arizona, nationally and globally. 

Details about EqualSeat are available at https://equalseat.com/.