Many of the world’s largest businesses now run part or all of their software locations on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud. Many companies migrate to AWS certification course daily. That’s why, if you’re looking for a new IT job, a unique role in your current organization, or want to continue growing in your current position, getting an AWS certificate can be a very wise investment.

What is AWS certification?

AWS currently holds two of the 15 highest paid certificates in North America, and the best – AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate Certification – offers an average salary of more than $149,000. Businesses see that AWS-certified employees know their stuff, and they also see what is needed to keep these employees.

With this year’s renewal in our AWS certification training guide, please understand two things. First, in 2019 you needed a professional-level certificate to order $149,000, and this year the Consolidation rate has already reached that salary level. Second, five of the 15 AWS certificates are cloud-based. Cloud validation is a much-needed success.

Despite this, many people still have troubling questions about AWS certification and training: Is it the right decision for your career? Which ones should you follow, and how? What can you expect from each test? And where do you start – and are there any certificates you should consider considering gaining?

Before we elaborate on these questions’ answers, we wanted to break from what most people experienced in 2020 briefly. Most people are more likely to spend more time at home, work at home, or have other adverse circumstances. We believe this should be a great chance to take benefits from these situations. If you are looking for an excellent service, AWS has increased the number of tests you can take online in person. You can now download all AWS certificates online.

What is AWS certification?

Let’s start with the big picture: AWS currently offers 12 certificates, including six master certificates and six special certificates. AWS organizes its core contents into three categories: starting with the Foundation and then advancing to the Associate and Professional certificate.

Key AWS certificates are described.

AWS Certified Cloud function

Format: multiple options

Duration: 90 minutes

Cost: $100

This basic AWS test covers the fundamental principles of the AWS Cloud platform. You will answer questions about significant AWS resources and features, including business use cases. The test also includes essential AWS compliance and compliance and requires you to demonstrate adequate AWS billing information, support, and pricing. You should also expect questions about how to use the resources and services on AWS Cloud.

Prerequisites and pre-preparation

It is a suitable AWS certification for anyone in a non-technical field who needs a basic understanding of the AWS platform. For example, IT marketers can learn to speak confidently and authoritatively when a conversation touches on a customer’s AWS investment and can also help people in financial, administrative, and business matters to communicate more openly with their IT partners.

Renown company like Amazon recommends six months of AWS experience before conducting this test. Still, that experience can be in any position, including technical and non-technical roles (e.g., sales, management, finance). By doing so, your preparation time — set at least six hours for reading and reviewing — is far more critical than passing this test.

AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Merge

Format: Too many choices, too much feedback

Duration: 130 minutes

Cost: $150

This is the certificate you want to show that you can create and distribute programs on AWS Cloud. This test will ask questions about cloud-based solutions that follow strict requirements and require you to demonstrate knowledge of acceptable construction practices. You will need more information on installing, configuring, and managing computer, network, storage, and database services in AWS. I also strongly recommend entering this trial with a working knowledge of AWS safety and compliance policies.

Prerequisite: AWS recommends at least one year to deploy distributed applications on scales, using AWS cloud services.

AWS Certified Solutions Builder – Experts

Format: Too many choices, too much feedback

Duration: 180 minutes

Cost: $300

Prove your ability to create and distribute distributed applications on AWS Cloud to be specific – and understand how to use them with a level of bug tolerance and high availability. AWS certification also requires the ability to deploy multi-level applications in the AWS Cloud and create cloud-based business solutions with AWS resources – all of which are managed by your spending.

Prerequisite: AWS no longer recommends obtaining an AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Compilation certificate before performing this test.

However, if you do not have many years of AWS experience, we recommend that you work on your Solutions Architect – Attach a certificate first. AWS strongly recommends more than two years to deploy distributed applications, on a scale, using AWS cloud services based on design requirements and best practices.