The latest episode of the AZ Big Podcast with Michael & Amy has officially dropped. Episode 79’s guest is Kim Alexis, supermodel and health advocate who talks clean living and aging gracefully.

LISTEN HERE: Ep. 79: Kim Alexis talks clean living and aging gracefully

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About Kim Alexis:

Kim Alexis is part of an elite team of models who rose to the “supermodel” status in the 1980’s. Kim’s career started when she was discovered at 17 in a Buffalo agency. She moved to New York City and found a remarkably positive response from the fashion and beauty industries. Although she did runway and fashion, she became known for beauty. Kim could be seen repeatedly on magazine covers and had over 500 worldwide including Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Cosmopolitan and set the cover record for Glamour. In 1983 she replaced Lauren Hutton as the face of Revlon’s Ultima II line to then become one of the most recognizable faces in America. She never let herself be misled by other people’s influences and remained true to her upbringing and beliefs. An outspoken conservative, Alexis was one of the very few models of her time who refused to pose for nude pictures and always remained an activist for a healthy and spiritually connected way of living. She raised 3 sons and continues to work towards her goal in life, which is to encourage other women to be their best in all areas of life. She has written two books and penned five ebooks.

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