Each week, we will profile an innovative leader featured in the 2023 edition of Az Business Leaders magazine. Today, meet Korey Wilkes, principal at Butler Design Group, which was just named Architectural Firm of the Year at the 2023 RED Awards.

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Korey Wilkes, principal, Butler Design Group

Background: Wilkes assumes many roles at BDG, including leading teams through all levels of the project development and leading company operations. Wilkes is the go-to person for many of BDG’s most complicated projects. His detailed approach to integrating the design and constructability into cost effective solutions is invaluable to the team, to the project, and to clients.

Leadership style: “Influential. My goal in leadership is to influence people into the best version of themselves and empower them to grow beyond their own self imposed limits. If I can help those around me to capitalize on their strengths while improving upon their weaknesses, all while learning something myself, mission accomplished.”

Leadership values: “I believe a measure of a good leader is how they handle relationships. A leader must have good character, a willingness to teach and to learn, an attitude of servitude, be respectful and respected [earned, not appointed], be a good communicator and an have an empathetic understanding of individual perspectives.”

Best actor to play you in a movie: “Although we look nothing alike, I’d have to say Keanu Reeves because of his values and dedication to his faith, family and work. Besides, he kicks butt in everything he does.”

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