Each week, we will profile an innovative leader who was selected for the 2024 edition of Az Business Leaders magazine. Today, meet Sandra Hudson, CEO, trust and wealth management; president, TrustBank Arizona

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Sandra L. Hudson

CEO, trust and wealth management; president, TrustBank Arizona

Background: Hudson, the president of TrustBank Arizona and CEO of trust and wealth management for TrustBank, brings over 30 years of wealth management and executive leadership expertise. With successful tenures at Northern Trust and US Bank, she leads TrustBank’s Wealth Management, driving record growth. Highly regarded for her contributions in wealth management, finance, education, and advocacy, Hudson embodies community philanthropy. Through Women and Wealth, an initiative empowering women through financial education, she demonstrates her remarkable career as a compassionate advocate. 

Source of pride: Hudson’s proudest professional accomplishment is co-founding Positive Paths. This non-profit provides scholarships, professional development, and mentoring to empower women. Additionally, Hudson founded TrustBank’s “She Builds Prosperity,” a women’s digital platform guiding financial well-being for multi-generational women.

Professional advice: Hudson’s professional advice for a young person following in her footsteps would be to embrace opportunities for growth, continuously learn and adapt, and prioritize building strong relationships. She encourages aspiring professionals to find their passion, align their values with their work, and never underestimate the power of networking and mentorship.

Animal with whom she most identifies: Hudson humorously associates herself with the bumblebee, highlighting how they defy assumptions, including their ability to fly. Bumblebees are recognized for their industriousness, determination, hard work and ability to thrive through collaboration. They symbolize productivity, joy, and community engagement, aligning well with Hudson’s professional achievements and philanthropic pursuits.

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