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Passion play

Michael Gossie, Managing Editor
Passion comes in many forms. Passion comes into play during a debate. Passion comes into play during the last mile of a marathon. Passion comes into play when you’re painting your face in preparation for a sporting event. And a different kind of passion comes into play when it’s date night for you and your spouse.

One of the most interesting things I find when telling your stories in Az Business magazine is that almost every successful business executive or business owner built his or her careers on passion for what they do. Andrew Goldstein, a thoracic surgeon at Cancer Treatment Centers of America who is profiled in our Healthcare Leadership Awards section in this issue, is a perfect example.

Goldstein left a lucrative career as an aerospace engineer to go back to medical school because he knew he could use his engineering background to build a better artificial heart. And he succeeded.

This issue is filled with business leaders whose passion helps drive Arizona’s economy and inspires others. Features on the Top 100 Lawyers in Arizona, Ranking Arizona’s Best of the Best, the Arizona Chapter of the Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association International and the 2015 Top Minority Business Leaders are filled with stories that will inspire you. I hope you enjoy this issue of Az Business.

I poured every ounce of passion I have into putting it together.

Michael Gossie, Editor in Chief

Michael Gossie

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