Az Business Magazine May/June 2014


Michael Gossie, Managing Editor
Consider what happened in the decade after the Flinn Foundation helped launch Arizona’s first Bioscience Roadmap in 2002:
• The Bio-science sector added jobs at nearly four times the national rate.
• Bio-science establishments in Arizona grew at a rate that exceeded the national average.
• Bio-science wages in the state outpaced those in other private-sector industries.

So the economy of Arizona is rejoicing at the prospect that the strategic plan that has guided Arizona’s fast-growing bioscience and healthcare sector since 2002 has been rebooted and Arizona’s Bio-science Road-map: 2014-2025 will provide a blueprint for success for another decade. But that’s not the only Roadmap in Arizona.

The Arizona Energy Consortium’s Energy Road-map is expected to help the state diversify its energy menu. And the recently launched Arizona Chapter of the Aerospace & Defense Forum is expected to provide a boost to that industry. With all the innovation happening in Arizona, the minds behind Az Business magazine decided those industries needed a voice of their own.

So inside this issue, you will see the first issue of HEAT, which is an acronym for healthcare, energy, aerospace and technology. HEAT spotlights the innovators, trends and economic engines that are shaping Arizona’s business landscape. We should have known all along that Arizona would be known for its HEAT.

Michael Gossie, Editor in Chief
Michael Gossie, Managing Editor