Arizona’s most unique custom suits — Gill and Co.

Harp and Jaz Gill, founders of Gill and Co., wanted to come up with a brand that allows customers to be more hands-on with their suit-buying experience. That means, while they make made-to-measure custom suits and dress shirts, they allow customers to design every element by selecting their own fabrics, linings and buttons. Gill and Co. is also the only suit company in Arizona that is mobile, so Gill and Co. brings the whole shopping experience to your location.

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Gill and Co. takes great pride in its business and one-of-a-kind suit-making process.

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Ryan and Brittany Powell with their children.

Helping Metro Phoenix residents clean up their diets

Eat Clean Phoenix is a family owned, convenient service that is designed to bring healthy, clean, delicious, chef-prepared meals to Valley residents’ front doors. The meal prep company prides itself on making restaurant quality meals without the added sodium, oil, butter and ingredients that are unnecessary. Established in 2018, owners Ryan and Brittany Powell aim to provide the Valley with healthy and affordable meals that consumers can feel comfortable feeding their family while giving back to the community.

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Ease return-to-work anxiety with ice-breaker tools

As things open post-pandemic and more people experience anxiety over getting back into a social routine, a new Arizona company’s mission to engage people with common interests using their ice breakers tools.

JabberYak, founded and owned by Scottsdale-based Gail Levinthal and Shideh Doerr, offer tools that include customized t-shirts and badges, designed to ignite meaningful, face-to-face communication without relying on personal devices.

JabberYak enables individuals to select their top seven personal interests that give insight into who they are. The selected interests then get printed on a customized item that can be worn to an event, allowing attendees to know something about another person and connect through shared interests before the first word is even exchanged.

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