AERO Federal Credit Union has unveiled their new logo and brand image for the organization. The new look will support the institution’s anticipated growth trend.

“AERO’s history has been a part of the aerospace industry for many years. With the evolution of the organization the strategic direction has changed so updating the brand was only natural, says Angie Avers, AVP Marketing. With the help of President & CEO Jane desGrosseilliers of Mountain View Media, we were able to adjust our logo and image to show strength and stability. Mountain View Media was able to capture the company’s core image of longevity in this new logo. It is our hope this change will help us to be more competitive in the market place.”

“Our goal is to continue building brand loyalty and retention with current members as well as attracting new members to AERO, says President & CEO Preston Sanders. The change was inevitable and we feel confident the image and brand will grow both internally and externally.”

The branding is being spearheaded by new marketing AVP, Angie Avers. With AERO’s plans for growth, Avers came to the organization last November knowing she had a tall order to fill and would be hitting the ground running in 2014. Along with the brand change, AERO will be revamping their website, as well as creating a much needed social media presence. Avers will be heading up both projects.