Canyon State Credit Union recently converted to Fiserv’s DNA account processing platform, which includes palm-vein biometric authentication, and is the first credit union in Arizona to include this authentication avenue for their members.   At Canyon State Credit Union, security is a top priority. The teller lines in the branch will be equipped with new, state of the art, palm readers to verify identity. This new technology will ensure that accounts are secure, cannot be touched by an unauthorized party, and will result in faster, more efficient service.

After a thorough assessment of various vendors, they selected Fiserv based on the” advanced level of technology offered, the completeness of its solutions and the ability to generate cost savings through advanced automation.”   

“We had a vision of what we needed to take banking to the next level, from the front line to the back office,” said Jane Dobbs, President and CEO of Canyon State Credit Union.  “Fiserv offered everything we were looking for to simplify banking – the real-time technology, the palm-vein authentication, the paperless transactions, the automation of complex tasks – and the integration to make it all work together seamlessly.”  The security and integrity of member financial transactions is paramount.  Integrating palm-vein biometrics technology with the DNA account processing platform gives our members an innovative choice for member verification that can mitigate fraud, reduce transactions times and improve branch service delivery.

Justin Wolfe, Vice President of Retail Banking at Canyon State Credit Union said “Today, verifying a member’s identity is an inefficient process that requires the manual authentication of a card, PIN, password or other unique method of identification. These methods are not only inconvenient, but also present potential security risks.  This new technology provides a combination of convenience and security that complements how people live today.  Members can be in and out of the branch quickly and on with their lives. “