Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona (BCBSAZ) is inviting Arizonans to nominate a local hero who has gone above and beyond to help others during the COVID-19 pandemic. From first responders and health care workers to grocery store clerks and teachers, BCBSAZ will recognize 30 Arizonans with a $1,000 prize as a gesture of gratitude for stepping up to serve others in a time of uncertainty and disruption.

BCBSAZ will select 30 Front Line Heroes – five individuals across six categories – to each receive a $1,000 prize.  One Front Line Hero in each of the six categories will also have an opportunity to select a local nonprofit to receive a $10,000 donation from BCBSAZ.  The donations will help the selected nonprofits continue serving Arizonans in need through the pandemic.

“We’re inspired by the resiliency and selfless acts of kindness we’ve seen from Arizonans to support one another in these challenging and unprecedented times,” said Pam Kehaly, president and CEO of BCBSAZ. “We want to recognize, thank, and honor these unsung heroes and pay it forward by assisting nonprofits in Arizona with their ongoing efforts to support those most in need.”

Winners will be notified the week of Dec. 7 and announced publicly in early January 2021. For more information on the program and to nominate your Front Line Hero, please visit

Individuals can nominate themselves or others in the community for a Front Line Hero Award from Nov. 9-29 in one of the following categories:

• Healthcare workers (hospital) – Any and all hospital workers who care for our Arizonans who need medical care

• Healthcare workers (non-hospital) – Employees at assisted living or care facilities, pharmacies, doctor offices, clinics and others (awarded in memory of Patrick Saenz, a care manager and valued member of the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona team who lost his life to COVID-19 earlier this year)

• First responders – Those we count on in an emergency, such as police officers, firefighters, EMTs, Military, and National Guard

• Educators – Teachers, school assistants, classroom helpers and tutors

• Essential service workers – Those who make the services we rely on in our daily lives possible in a pandemic such as grocery store employees, delivery drivers, sanitation workers, janitorial staff, food service personnel, and so many others

• Volunteers – From helpful neighbors to those who are donating their time to serve others at food pantries, homeless shelters, veteran organizations, and countless other organizations

For more information on the program and to nominate your Front Line Hero, please visit