Many families have been hit hard financially due to the current health crisis — so the International School of Arizona Board of Directors is instituting a tuition freeze for the 2021-2022 school year to help families adjust economically.

The Scottsdale-based private school has been open for in-person learning since August 10, and has been able to continue instruction in as close to a “normal” model as possible. Recognizing the current economic climate, the school’s leadership team made the decision to freeze tuition despite the additional costs incurred to safely educate students during the pandemic. 

“We recognize the struggles our families are going through and this is a great opportunity for us to support our community,” said Micheline Dutil-Hoffmann, Headmaster of ISA, “our Board understands this crisis’ impact and therefore voted for this tuition freeze to help our families adjust.” 

The International School of Arizona offers:

A unique immersion curriculum

Lower tuition than many other private schools in the area

Guaranteed placement during early bird enrollment period

Enrollment for the 2021-2022 school year opens January 6th, and the school will additionally be offering early bird discounts for those who enroll before February 24, 2021. Families can save up to $1,800 based on grade by enrolling early.

In addition to the tuition freeze, the school has also announced the opening of a new preschool class in January 2021. This long awaited option by parents opens children up to a multilingual track when the brain is primed to learn. 

The school is hosting two virtual Open House events in the coming weeks to provide families an opportunity to discover the unique bilingual programs that it has to offer. They will take place on:

November 17th @ 10am

December 10th @ 5pm

Interested families can register for the events HERE.

The school has implemented significant safety measures to respond to the COVID-19 outbreak, and families interested in learning more can read more at this link.