Marketing is essential for all businesses, but you can’t rely on one advertising method to increase demand. Even if you’re really great at email marketing, you may not be familiar with SEO or paid media. However, you can find a marketing service that excels in one or more areas.

How to Build Your Marketing Stack in Arizona and Beyond

There are 600+ marketing firms in Arizona that provide services such as SEO, online brand and reputation management, and social media marketing. Here are 11 marketing services you’ll need.

1. All-Around Marketing Agency

An all-around digital marketing agency does everything on this list and more. However, only the best-in-class growth marketing services can do everything well, so be sure to find a company that routinely hires experts. This solution is perfect if you don’t have a marketing department.

2. eCommerce Brand Services

Scaling your online business and maximizing your ROI is difficult without self-service tools like Shopify and an agency that handles shipping and order management. eCommerce also requires specific targeting techniques that help drive sales, coupon management, and other features.

3. SEO Marketing Agency/Service

SEO is a vast topic, but quality agencies usually promote the whole package. It’s essential to find an agency that supports local SEO, technical SEO, link building, and social media management. To increase your SEO potential, consider a guest posting or influencer marketing service.

4. Content Marketing Service

Content marketing is an essential part of any successful digital marketing campaign. These services may use SEO to boost your reach, but they primarily focus on creating the content itself. You can find copywriters, video editors, photographers, and other content services online.

5. Data Management and Analytics

Brands have to collect and analyze first-party data to attract new customers and retain loyal followers.

A data management agency can link data across platforms and sync it across your stack with modern APIs. Integration and automation can help you manage your workflow.

6. Lead Capturing Tools/Agency

No growth marketing stack is complete without a way to acquire new customers.

Most agencies will specialize in lead capture on a particular tool, like WordPress, social media, or email. Some agencies will focus on personalized experiences or specialize in an industry, like non-profits.

7. Web 3.0 Personalization Service

Your customers want a more personalized shopping experience, and that’s made possible via web3 services, like the blockchain. However, personalization can be as simple as fill-in tabs or as complicated as targeted advertisements, so you’ll need to know what the agency is offering.

8. Growth Marketing Platforms

A growth marketing platform will either come prepackaged with another service or as a stand alone product. For example, Upptic, a mobile game marketing service, features a platform that helps you optimize your apps. This allows you to watch how your app is performing in real-time.

9. Direct Mail (Snail Mail) Services

Snail mail is still an effective way to market your business in Arizona. Direct mail services can take your existing customer data and automate personal postcards to increase conversions. They can also track physical mail analytics and integrate them into your digital data platform.

10. Email (Digital Inbox Mail) Services

Businesses new and old should build up their mail lists, but you shouldn’t favor quantity over quality. A few warm leads are better than a thousand cold leads, and an email service can ensure you get more of the former. Plus, they can protect your customer’s data and privacy.

11. Mobile Optimization and SMS

Google prefers to rank mobile-compatible websites. However, there’s a difference between a mobile, app, and SMS (text) marketing agency.

Some agencies will do all three, but regardless of what service you pick, find a company that works with accessibility and location-based targeting.