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YouTube is one of the most popular site in which millions of videos are uploaded daily. Every creator wants to get more audience and grow the channel by increasing watching hours. Watch hours will help to increase your visibility and monetize your channel. Different websites offer YouTube services, and Neptuneviews is one of them. So let’s discover what YouTube watch hours are and why you need to buy YouTube watch hours.

What Are YouTube Watch Hours?

Simply put, the YouTube watch hours is a unit of measurement on YouTube. Watch hour is 60 minutes of views on your video. Such as, if 6 viewers watch your 10-minute video, then your 1 watch hour is completed. So if your video is longer, you can get more watch hours. Long videos could easily complete the watch time.

Many people mix the terms watch hour and watch time. But both are different. Watch time is 4000 minutes on your videos, but watch hour is 60 minutes on your videos. Many websites offer watch hour and watch time facilities. If your video has 3000 watch times, then you can buy 1000 watch hours to complete your watch time. However, if your video is new, then you can purchase a complete package of watch time of 4000 hours.

How to watch hour can help to grow?

If you are a content creator, then you must apply different strategies to boost your watch hours. One of the best strategies is to purchase YouTube watch hours, which will help to grow in different ways. Some of the ways are as follows:

1.    Accelerated Growth

If you invest in watch hours, you can easily grow your YouTube channel. Buying watch hours will increase your watch hour, which will help you quickly reach your goal of monetizing your channel in a short span of time.

So you dont need to wait months or years to get watch hours. If you are a beginner, then you can avail this opportunity and start your journey to monetize your channel faster.

2.    Enhanced Visibility

Watch hours will also help you to grow by increasing visibility on your channel. The youtube algorithm will recommend your video if users spend more time watching your content. So if you purchase watch hours, your video will also appear in search results, and YouTube will also recommend your video.

If your visibility is increased, then more audience will land on your video, which will increase engagement and help you to reach your goals.

3.    Improved Monetization Prospects

The minimum requirement to monetize your channel is 4000 watch time with 1000 views. If you purchase watch hours, you can start your journey toward monetization of YouTube. The monetization process will be completed easily, which will also unlock more revenues.

The watch hour will also help you to become eligible for advertisements, membership programs and merchandise. Also, monetization will open the door to generating revenue quickly without waiting for years to complete.

Buying watch hours does not mean that you are meeting monetization criteria. But it will help to complete the process of monetization faster. Also, your channel will be ranked and visible to more audiences. However, buying YouTube watch time will give you long-term benefits if you create quality content.

Why Choose Service At Neptuneviews?

While choosing the services of YouTube, customers will consider many things such as affordability, organic traffic, and trustworthy site. Neptuneviews offers services according to the demands of the customer. Here are some reasons to choose Neptuneviews.

1.    Reliable Refill Guarantee and Warranty

Neptuneviews offer real watch hour with a refill guarantee. Customers can claim their money if they are not getting the right services within the estimated time. Also, Neptune can refill your watch hour if it is dropped.

2.    Responsive Customer Support

The professional staff of Neptune is ready to assist you and provide services 24/7 hours. You can contact the support service if you have any queries or problems.

3.    Organic Growth

YouTube has some monetization policies, and Neptuneviews is aware of those policies. Customers will get 100% real watch hours because bot views are against YouTube policy.


YouTube’s policy to get 4000 watch time and 1000 subscribers is getting over creators’ heads. But it could be easy when the best sites, such as Neptuneviews, is here to get watch hours. So dont waste your time and check the services of the most reliable website. Start your journey of monetization now…