It is easy to find items for sale on Amazon once you have been a seller of your sourcing choices. Most start-ups and small enterprises think about wholesale products and made-to-order manufactured goods. They are only two of six possible approaches to finding items on Amazon. However, these are pretty distinct techniques.

Equally crucial to your success is identifying successful sales possibilities on the platform to locate items for sale on Amazon. That begins with product research, and fortunately, Amazon offers you a lot of tools and resources. We’ll teach you how to find out which goods to sell using the following Amazon’s data, but let’s get to grips with your top six products. In this method, you may start your company e-commerce with complete knowledge of the various ways you can locate Amazon items.

Do research and make a good business plan. If you find a reliable sourcing agent like Sourcing Nova, then half of your headache will be removed and you can concentrate on the products only. So, let’s dig into the deep.

To Source Amazon Items Use Retail Arbitration

You buy drastically discounted retail items through retail arbitrage and then resell them on Amazon. It seems simple, but to do it correctly—profitably—is a job. Retail arbitrage salespeople are absolute advantages in pursuing reduced and clearance agreements in local stores to match Amazon’s top sellers.

The trick is to know what’s well and how much Amazon sells every day. Your sales cost on Amazon should be readily understood, too. Amazon selling costs are around 15% of your selling price, and if you’re not cautious, shipping orders might eat up a large chunk of the earnings. Fortunately, tools are available to assist you in locating lucrative businesses. Amazon price applications are the hidden weapon of the retail arbitration seller. These are smartphone applications that allow you to scan and match item UPCs in the Amazon listings.

These applications provide you with various information, including average sales and buyer demand prices, Amazon shipping or filling (FBA) expenses, and possible profits.

You may determine, using this knowledge, whether and what stock inventory you should purchase based on current demand and profit possibilities.

Detailed shipping and storage charges may also be shown if you use FBA to complete them. The FBA fulfilment option has its costs—but it may be managed correctly, much cheaper, and longer than your delivery.

Select An Excellent Profit-Possible Product

You may uncover a high-demand unicorn with minimal competition, but it doesn’t matter if you cannot make a profit out of it. Cost estimates and the study of profitability are crucial elements to decide the wholesale Amazon items.

Don’t get caught in a downhill race. Price competition on Amazon is intense, and don’t buy a product that will make you choose between sales and profit-making. Select a price plan which works and assures profitability for your product category.

Wholesale items are sold at more than just a price. There are a dozen additional fees to pay, and if you don’t consider them early, they will build up rapidly. Conduct a comprehensive study of Amazon’s charges, fulfilment and shipping expenses, inventory administration, and taxation.

Even if you don’t use FBA, smaller and lighter items will ship a lot cheaper and require considerably less storage space. This saves you a lot of money and improves your earnings in turn. By glancing at the FBA fee schedule, you can understand the prices of different dimensions.

Sell Amazon Goods Direct-Source

The most successful technique of finding items for sale on Amazon may be direct sourcing. You buy items directly from the producer via direct procurement. You may purchase stock items from a natural source, that is to say, things already made by the manufacturer, for cheaper rates per unit than wholesale ones. You may also purchase bespoke products from the competition for single branded items.

The same techniques discussed by the wholesale section above allow you to discover direct sources of manufacturing. Many wholesale providers are manufacturing their plants.

If you enjoy a wholesaler’s portfolio of products and services, you often work with the same seller. You purchase more significant numbers to reduce the cost per unit or to build your items.

Direct procurement demands attention to product costs, inventory levels, and reorder amounts like wholesale product procurement. In addition, you may stock yourself or outsource FBA and order packaging and shipment to bother about.

How To Find Wholesale Suppliers For Amazon 

Searches On The Internet

Many wholesalers could find a simple Google search with the proper criteria. Research, of course, does not end with identifying a supplier – each of you must be veterinary.

You may locate providers using YouTube as well as Google. This provides you with the opportunity to view items in operation.


Wholesale directories are a quick method to connect with reliable providers. While you might have to pay, finding providers in your specialty is straightforward. Moreover, you’ll know that all the wholesalers have been tested if you select a respected directory.

Hire a Sourcing agent

It’s not mandatory that each and every seller will have their own manufactured items. In that case, you need to find and hire a Sourcing agent, who can maintain the uninterrupted flow to your customers and can also secure a good profit for you.A good sourcing agent like sourcing nova will always make sure about the quality control and timely shipping of the products. So, choose your sourcing agent carefully for the ultimate profit.


When finding items to sell on Amazon, there are several ways you may use—and few need an early cash investment.

Shoestring businesses can discover items to offer on Amazon with little upfront expenses on demand for retail arbitration and printed on demand. In Amazon’s Handmade area, artisans who produce unique handcrafted products find a particular place. Wholesale, direct, and private label procurement allows you to test waters with reselling items, build a budget-based brand, or deliver unique products.

It is vital to your success to begin the research process. Best Seller and Shaker Pages from Amazon provide you with critical insight into what is currently being sold. Best of all, research enables you to take advantage of the advantages of each procurement technique and prevent the adverse effects while looking for profitably demanded Amazon items.