October 18, 2021

AZ Business Magazine

Bierman ABA Autism Center launches 1st Arizona facility

Bierman ABA Autism Center announced the opening of its first Arizona location in Scottsdale. This new location will provide care to children diagnosed with autism between the ages of 2 to 8. Services include ABA therapy, speech therapy, and occupational therapy. The center is designed to enhance one-on-one therapy sessions, as well as having playrooms and outdoor spaces to build gross and motor skills. In addition to therapy services, Bierman offers family resources and training to help each family meet their goals. Bierman’s clinical team focuses on everyday successes that lead to long-term successes. This center accepts a variety of health insurances.

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Bierman ABA Autism Center is a place where the children engage in natural play to learn foundational skills they can build on such as self-advocacy and communication. Dr. Ashley Bennett, the organization’s VP of Clinical Services says, “We recognize that each child’s success is different, and our one-on-one approach allows us to monitor progress and adjust to ensure that each child is advancing on their own terms. As a long-term Arizona resident, I am excited to see Bierman help so many families within our community.”

The Bierman clinical team is dedicated to taking an individualized approach with every child ensuring they become a lifelong learner. To date, Bierman has graduated more than one-hundred children from its therapy programs.