BioProcure, the premier procurement and accounts payable services company for biotech companies, announced today its expansion to a temporary office in Chandler, Arizona. BioProcure expects the temporary office to be operational in April 2022 with plans to establish a permanent Arizona location by 2023.

BioProcure will be located within Workpliciti, which is a flexible office space on the Price Corridor. BioProcure expects to hire approximately 35 employees in the first year and 150 employees within three years. The Chandler location will include procurement, operations, and administrative positions.

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“We are very excited for the launch of our new office in Chandler, Arizona. This location is the result of a great team of managers, supervisors, and executives traveling and researching for months to pinpoint the best possible city and state for our expansion,” said Vincent Bologna, Co-Founder and CEO, BioProcure. “Our goal was to establish a presence in the Southwest to better serve our clients in the Western time zones, but equally important to us was that our new office be located in a vibrant, up-and-coming city with a thriving science and technology sector. Chandler, Arizona was the perfect fit.”

Founded in Massachusetts in 2007, BioProcure chose to expand their operations to Arizona to better serve their West Coast customers and to be closer to the state’s growing life sciences industry.

“BioProcure’s expansion highlights Arizona’s reputation as a national bioscience leader,” said Sandra Watson, President and CEO of the Arizona Commerce Authority. “The company’s Chandler office will bring dozens of skilled jobs to Arizona, contributing to Chandler’s vibrant technology and innovation landscape. We are grateful to BioProcure for their commitment to Arizona, and we look forward to supporting their operations now and in the future when they establish their permanent office.”

“Chandler’s business-friendly environment and well-protected employment corridors continue to put us on the short list for companies looking to expand their headcount,” said Chandler Mayor Kevin Hartke. “It is exciting to see a company supporting the country’s entire biosciences industry select Price Corridor. We congratulate BioProcure on their new office in Chandler and look forward to working with them as they ramp up operations out West.”

BioProcure’s expansion highlights Arizona’s growing presence in the bioscience industry. According to a recent CBRE study, metro Phoenix was first in the nation for growth in life sciences employment between 2019 and 2020, growing 8.5%, the highest of all markets studied.