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Cord Blood Registry sold for $530M

15 Jun

AMAG Pharmaceuticals, Inc. announced it has entered into a definitive agreement to divest Cord Blood Registry to GI Partners, a…

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UA researcher unveils novel treatment for pancreatic cancer

15 Jun

A physician-scientist at the University of Arizona Cancer Center investigated a novel treatment for pancreatic cancer patients whose tumors exhibited…

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TGen and Huntsman Cancer Institute receive $6.7M grant

31 May

Often what kills cancer patients is not the cancer at its original or primary site, but its spread to secondary…

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Phoenix-based Axolotl Biologix partners with Leonhardt Ventures

18 May

Phoenix-based Axolotl Biologix announced a strategic partnership with Leonhardt Ventures to explore therapeutic and commercial opportunities of combining Leonhardt’s bioelectric + micro pump +…

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AZBio initiative aims to cure funding gap that ails Arizona

15 May

Trying to build on Arizona’s significant investments in the life science discovery and healthcare delivery infrastructure, the state’s leaders are…

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Brain tumor atlas published in the journal Science

14 May

This year alone, an estimated 13,000 Americans will be diagnosed with glioblastoma, which is the most deadly and aggressive form…

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TGen develops quality-control test for detecting cancer in blood

10 May

Imagine how much patients could benefit if you could discover the presence of cancer, and even how that cancer develops…

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Don’t miss the Healthcare Leadership Awards

8 May

According to Morgan Stanley, the United States healthcare mergers and acquisitions market started 2018 with almost $39 billion worth of…

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UA, Banner Health earn largest NIH award in Arizona history

3 May

The University of Arizona Health Sciences and Banner Health have received a $9 million award from the National Institutes of…

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Gene therapy targets incurable diseases, but costs are high and there are risks

29 Apr

Gene therapy could be the key to curing rare and life-threatening diseases, but high costs and potential negative effects are…

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