Axolotl Biologix, an innovative biotechnology leader in regenerative medicine, is proud to announce it has been selected as the 2018 Most Innovative Regenerative Medicine Research Company in the U.S.A. by United Kingdom based Global Health & Pharma.

Global Health & Pharma’s 2018 Biotechnology Awards recognize key players and companies breaking ground in this ever-evolving industry. Judges followed a thorough research process to choose Axolotl Biologix as the most innovative regenerative medicine company in the country due to its game-changing advances in research and development.

“Axolotl Biologix is honored to be recognized for innovative research by Global Health & Pharma,” says Axolotl Biologix CEO, Bob Maguire. “We are proud of the hard work and commitment our scientists, researchers, and physicians have done in advancing regenerative biotechnologies to improve patients’ quality of life and make huge strides in this rapidly advancing industry.”

In a recent press release, Global Health & Pharma said the 2018 Biotechnology Awards are its way of spreading the word about this truly captivating and vital industry, whilst acknowledging and commending the clinicians, chemists, researchers, engineers, and MDs who create the way for others to follow, paving the way for a better future.

In addition to the award, the Phoenix-based biotechnology company will also be featured on the cover of the industry magazine’s next issue and has a two-page feature.

Axolotl Biologix is focused on research and product development that foster regeneration and healing for orthopedic, wound care, pain management, cardiovascular, cosmetic and more. Its Medical Advisory Board, made up of highly-respected physicians in the U.S.A. and Canada, is conducting clinical trials on AxoBioFluid®, an immune-privileged, anti-inflammatory, anti-fibrotic, liquid allograft to advance soft tissue repair, replacement and reconstruction.

The company also distributes AxoBioMembrane™, an amniotic allograft membrane to advance wound repair, skin replacement and reconstruction.