Phoenix-based Axolotl Biologix announced a strategic partnership with Leonhardt Ventures to explore therapeutic and commercial opportunities of combining Leonhardt’s bioelectric + micro pump + mixed stem cell-based composition for organ regeneration with Axolotl Biologix’s amniotic-derived fluid products.

A major hurdle for regenerating damaged organs is to have the nutrients in place for recruited and infused stem cells to survive, thrive, differentiate and form new healthy organ tissues. Amniotic-derived fluid contains a variety of growth factors and cytokines that are optimized in the most regenerative environment known – the womb. This environment supports and encourages repair and regeneration.  

“We are very excited to explore whether the combination of bioelectric stimulation and our amniotic-derived fluid products can improve upon results found with either therapy on its own,” said Phillip Larson, President of Axolotl Biologix. “We believe that there is strong potential that there are synergistic benefits to this combination that will improve patient outcomes.” 

Howard Leonhardt, Executive Chairman & CEO, Leonhardt Ventures added, “We are thrilled to work with Axolotl Biologix to develop, study and potentially commercialize new combination bioelectric and biologic candidates for patients suffering from degenerative diseases.  Axolotl Biologix’s expertise and experience in manufacturing amniotic-derived products is hugely helpful to our organ specific startups in developing their product pipelines.”

Through this partnership Axolotl Biologix will have access to Leonhardt’s extensive expertise and technologies related to organ regeneration.  This includes more than 19 patented or patent pending bioelectric signaling sequences, re-fillable micro infusion pumps and stem cell based mixed compositions.  Under the partnership, the Leonhardt Venture’s team and the 24 organ specific startups in its Leonhardt’s Launchpads innovation accelerator(s) in California and Utah will have access to Axolotl Biologix full lineup of amniotic-derived fluid technologies including AxioBioFluid A, an ambient room temperature amniotic-derived regenerative fluid product. 

Both Leonhardt’s Launchpads and Axolotl Biologix are committed to proving out these candidate combination therapies through properly designed and well controlled clinical trials with good science applied.