Brand identity is a combination of the brand’s visual elements, such as color palette, design features, and logotype, that makes the brand distinctive and remarkable from its target audience’s point of view. It affects brand awareness, how it is perceived in the market and its position among the competitors, and, therefore, its business success.

Signs that you might think about your brand identity

We tried to list the cases when the entrepreneur can benefit from a well-developed brand identity, and we were not surprised to see that every product falls into at least one of the descriptions. See for yourself! If you need to:

• Get a better representation of your brand’s vision, values, and personality;

• Make your product distinctive and outstanding among the competitors;

• Position your brand properly;

• Win the consumers’ trust and loyalty…

… then you need to work on your brand identity. Here is the thing: either you tell the market what is the story behind your brand, what it serves, and what its mission is—or the market decides this for you. And you might not be happy with its opinion. So, if you want to see your brand loved, trusted, competitive, and profitable, time to get proactive and get professional brand identity design. Arounda digital agency can provide you with exactly that.

Brand identity design by Arounda

At Arounda, we love to put our processes into roadmaps, so that our clients can easily track the progress and monitor the milestones. We split our brand identity design services into four stages, simple and practical:

  1. Mood board creation. It sets the brand’s visual direction and often gets used as a reference in the further design process.
  2. Logotype concept. Using the mood board as s starting point, we design several different logotype concepts for you to choose from. The process includes brainstorming, sketching, selecting the best variants, creating digital mockups, and presenting them to you. A good logotype will always get attention and make a good first impression; it is catchy and easy to remember and recognize.
  3. Сolor and typography. Palettes and fonts will add personality to your brand, increase its visibility, and help you with storytelling. Color schemes and fonts, their variations and combinations will be thoroughly tested and designed with a particular purpose.
  4. Visual guidelines. We gather all the existing data about the brand visuals, logotype, color palette, and typography, into a set of guidelines. They include recommendations about using, combining and transforming them while keeping the style consistent.

Our designers never begin the next stage until you fully approve the existing design, and always stay on your side and keep on the same page with you. We carefully study your reviews and take the feedback fully into account. And in order to keep the process smooth and transparent, you have full access to our working files and documentation.

Brand identity design services

Depending on your goals, product scale, and budget, you can choose the service package that fits you the best:

1. Basic will get you a viable minimum of deliverables:

• Two logotype options with a presentation to the client.

• Basic Guidelines, including the recommendations on margins and scaling, color palette representation, and typography.

2. Standard is a basic set of deliverables with a little extra:

• Three logotype options with a presentation to the client;

• Basic Guidelines with added configurations, rules for background usage, incorrect sage, and implementing seamless patterns.

• Some headers and profile pictures for your socials.

• Business cards.

3. Extended package is an extravaganza of great items, both useful and pleasant:

• Standard package contents.

• Google slides deck template.

• Google docs template.

• Templates for social media posting.

• Email signature.

• Mug or cup design.

• Totes and T-shirts.

• Notebooks.

• ID badges.

Why choose Arounda

Having a strong and compelling brand allows you to market unique, complex, and expensive products without any difficulties. And working with Arounda provides you with the services of digital design and product management experts dedicated to your success and aimed to make your project better and stronger, increase customer awareness, built the loyalty of your target audience, and ensure stable revenues for you. In over five years of existence, Arounda launched 133 successful projects, and its clients raised more than 750 million. So you can be sure of one—at your disposal is a team of enthusiastic professionals eager to bring their working passion and striving for perfection into the partnership with you. What we offer you:

• Business-oriented design that perfectly serves the purpose of connecting with your target audience and conveying to value the proposition of your business model.

• Flexible approach in terms of both the schedule and the product. We understand that different projects have different needs and we even better understand the importance of healthy and comfortable communication, so the timetable of our partnership can be easily changed as needed.

• Process transparency. We establish trusting and proactive relationships where everyone has the same objectives and stays on the same page.

• Post-project support. Product maintenance never stops, and you can always contact us when any issue or question arises so that we can effortlessly solve it as a team.

Contact Arounda today if you want to know more about building your brand identity or clarify something about our services. We will be happy to answer your every question and provide help the best we can. Let us get acquainted and grow your product together!