Addressing India’s poignant homelessness crisis requires innovative solutions and committed organizations working tirelessly to bring about change. Organizations that build home for the poor in India have been critical in helping people in need such as Dera Sacha Sauda’s ‘Homely Shelter’ initiative stands as a beacon, constructing over 2000 free homes with volunteers pooling resources for materials.

Shelter Associates pioneers community-centric solutions through data-driven urban planning, fostering dignity and improved living standards. AID India tackles homelessness by providing immediate relief and breaking the poverty cycle through the Eureka Homes initiative.

Let’s delve into the list of Organizations that build homes for the economically poor families. 

1. Dera Sacha Sauda

‘Homely Shelter’ initiative started by Dera Sacha Sauda, an altruistic response to India’s homelessness crisis, led by their volunteers, has successfully erected over 1900 free homes across states like Delhi, Haryana, Punjab, Bihar, and Rajasthan. 

This impactful program, distinctively devoid of external funding, showcases the dedication of volunteers who pool resources for materials and provide labor, ensuring swift construction in 1-2 days. The initiative goes beyond shelter, gifting land to the landless. Employing cost-effective construction methods, it particularly aids vulnerable demographics, including the elderly, physically challenged, and widowed individuals. 

This compassionate endeavor aligns with the broader mission of Dera Sacha Sauda, guided by Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan, overseeing 160+ welfare tasks globally, each dedicated to societal betterment. As Dera Sacha Sauda calls on individuals to join this humanitarian cause, it urges people to provide help by supplying useful necessities like food ration, clothes, gas cylinders etc.

2. Shelter Associates

Established in 1994, Shelter Associates (SA) passionately champions equitable access to essential services. Utilizing a Data-driven, Multi Stakeholder approach, SA focuses on community-centric solutions for Sanitation and Social housing. Internationally lauded for spatial data usage in Urban Development, the organization envisions an India where all citizens enjoy basic infrastructure and secure tenure. Through initiatives like the Citywide Social Housing Research Project and Slum Rehabilitation, SA actively involves communities, fostering dignity and elevated living standards. 

Recognized for transformative contributions, SA’s inclusive approach to urban planning brings acceptance and upward mobility to marginalized communities. 

3. Aid India

AID India focuses on improving quality learning in schools through In-school Programs, providing teachers with resources and conducting skill enhancement workshops. Their Eureka Tab Labs Program introduces technology to enhance children’s understanding and practical application of Math, English, and science. 

The dedicated team is committed to building a brighter future for all. AID India’s Eureka Homes initiative, launched in 2016, provides immediate and long-term relief to marginalized communities affected by natural disasters. Originally focused on shelter, it has expanded to break the cycle of poverty by offering holistic solutions.

Beyond constructing 480 low-cost homes, the project includes renovating schools, providing nets and boats for fishermen, and involving communities in the planning process. With an impactful presence in Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, and Odisha, Eureka Homes has supported 1.3L lives. Seeking to expand to 1000 houses, individual donations play a crucial role in providing house for poor in India.


Amma, known as the “Mother of All,” embodies universal motherhood, selflessly giving love, shelter, and wisdom, transcending roles to serve humanity. Her ashram is responsible for all sorts of charitable foundations and trust including ones that help provide shelter for poor people. Since 1987, Amma’s Ashram has dedicatedly undertaken the construction of homes for the homeless, addressing the profound lack of shelter.

Amma’s profound empathy, even as a child, compelled her to contemplate the nature of human suffering. She keenly sensed the presence of the divine within herself and those experiencing hardship, igniting her desire to offer solace and upliftment. This marked the inception of Amma’s altruistic mission. 

Despite facing reprimands, young Amma shared her meals with the hungry and tended to the elderly who lacked care. Her unwavering compassion, undeterred by punishment, led her to selflessly provide her family’s food and possessions to the needy. Amma’s charitable journey began with a heartfelt commitment to alleviate the pain of others, laying the foundation for her impactful initiatives, including the Amrita Kuteeram project aimed at constructing 100,000 homes for the impoverished.

5. Habitat India

Habitat for Humanity India, a non-profit founded in 1983, strives to combat India’s housing crisis, addressing an 18.78 million urban and 28.9 million rural housing shortage. Affiliated with Habitat For Humanity International, it’s one of Asia-Pacific’s largest housing programs. While rooted in Christian values, the organization collaborates with people of diverse backgrounds, races, and religions to construct houses in partnership with families in need. 

Habitat’s philosophy emphasizes universal deservingness of a decent life and the power to build one’s future through shelter. Over 39 years, they’ve impacted 38 million lives, providing 10,118 houses and 6,875 sanitation units in Maharashtra alone. Independent funding sustains their efforts, and contributions are encouraged to broaden their reach and impact. 

Their homes are spacious, durable, and strategically located with access to sanitation units. Engaging with global development goals and government initiatives, they’ve built over 62,998 homes across India, following a thorough 3-step process: assessing community needs, securing funding, and commencing the build. Independent funding supports their efforts, and contributions are welcomed to expand their impact.

6. Mother Teresa Charities

Mother Teresa Charitable Trust (MTCT) addresses the critical issue of inadequate housing in India, where a majority of people live in cramped conditions. Nearly one billion people, or 32% of the world’s urban population, reside in slums. The housing shortage in India is substantial, with around 74 million units needed. MTCT strives to provide safe, decent, and affordable homes to transform lives, improve health, boost economic opportunities, and enhance community cohesion. 

Collaborating with local NGOs and partners, MTCT supports housing projects and envisions a scheme to build one-room, one-toilet homes at a cost of Rs. 50,000 per house. Through online donations and partnerships, they aim to uplift pavement dwellers and create lasting positive change.

7. Malabar Charitable Trust

The Malabar Charitable Trust, dedicated to uplifting the underprivileged, aplays  crucial role in alleviating homelessness. With an emphasis on developing houses for the impoverished, the charity tackles the urgent problem of insufficient housing in India. With millions of people crammed into small spaces, the charity actively works to provide homes that offer a respectable and safe place to live. 

Their program is to not just provide shelter but also to change lives by promoting better health, more possibilities for employment, and greater community cohesion. The Malabar Charitable Trust makes a major contribution to housing initiatives through partnerships with local NGOs, giving hope and good change to those who are struggling with homelessness.


In conclusion, these initiatives not only provide shelter for the less fortunate but also aim to transform lives, improve health, and foster community cohesion. Beyond addressing the immediate need for housing, they contribute to breaking the cycle of poverty and offer hope to those facing challenges. 

These endeavors symbolize a collective commitment to ensuring everyone finds solace and dignity within the walls of a home. They exemplify the positive impact that dedicated action can bring to those in need, emphasizing the ongoing journey to alleviate homelessness through compassion and collaborative efforts.