As of 2019, Facebook had more than 2.4 billion users across the world. More than 60 million businesses also operate a business page on Facebook, and the social media platform has helped small business owners and corporations cultivate and engage their audiences.

A properly managed Facebook page can help businesses expand their reach, increase sales, and develop their brand image. However, Facebook is also more competitive than ever before. Recent Facebook algorithm changes have presented new challenges for brands looking to consistently interact with their audience, and businesses must adapt to these changes in order to remain relevant.

By implementing the following 5 tips, businesses can create a Facebook page that truly delivers results.

Create Shareable Content

A reliance on paid advertising and increased competition means that organic viewership on Facebook is becoming harder to achieve. Businesses can maximize the effectiveness of their marketing efforts by placing an emphasis on creating shareable content that provides their audience with value.

Facebook’s algorithm favors engagement. Encouraging followers to share and interact with content can help businesses break through the organic traffic slump and to increase their reach.

Publishing how-to guides that provide value to the target audience is one method businesses can use to create their Facebook posting strategy. Informative articles and info-graphics are another content format businesses can utilize to educate and inspire their audience.

Focus on Consistency

Creating content that promotes engagement is critical for getting results from a Facebook business page, but consistency is required to sustain growth.

Implementing a weekly posting schedule to consistently publish content can allow businesses to regularly engage their audience. Businesses can also dedicate specific days of the week for various types of content, such as having giveaways or contests on a specific day.

Leverage Facebook Live and Video

While Facebook algorithm changes have hindered organic content, newer forms of engagement such as Facebook Live or videos are still a great way for businesses to see results from their page.

81% of businesses now use video content in their marketing efforts. Regularly scheduled Facebook Live streams can help businesses engage more personally with their audience. Furthermore, integrating live streaming into a social media marketing mix is a great way to diversify content and to keep consumers interested.

Video content is also more memorable and engaging than articles or photos. Businesses can maximize their Facebook results by creating video content to promote their highest value products or services. Alternatively, video can also be used to foster a sense of consumer-brand affiliation and trust.

Integrate Paid Advertising

Facebook advertising can seem intimidating to many small business owners. However, the proper use of Facebook advertising can help businesses expand their reach at a faster rate than solely relying on organic growth.

Creating Facebook advertising campaigns to promote page content is an effective way to reach a target audience in a short timeframe. Leveraging paid advertising during a peak sale season or promotional event is also a useful strategy to help businesses drive sales when it matters most.

Aside from increasing sales, spending money on Facebook advertising can also help businesses grow their following at a faster rate. Paid advertising campaigns can help grow page likes as new customers decide to follow a page, and this can pay dividends in the long term if customers can be acquired for life.

Develop Brand Image & Trust

Increasing revenue is not the only metric that matters for business Facebook pages. Social platforms like Facebook are also an effective way for businesses to engage their audience in a more personable manner than mediums like radio or traditional print, and this can help develop a stronger brand image and consumer trust.

Creating behind-the-scene video content that presents a transparent look at how a business operates can help to engage consumers more personally. Consumers are often more willing to support businesses they feel connected to and trust. Therefore, creating content that fosters positive brand image is one of the most impactful ways a business can benefit from their Facebook efforts and drive growth.

Facebook is a competitive platform, but it is also ever-changing. Remaining up to date on the latest Facebook business trends is required to experience continued success from the platform.

Business owners should ultimately focus on creating valuable content that engages their audience. Additionally, utilizing a mixture of Facebook video, live streams, and paid advertising can help businesses maximize results while simultaneously fostering a closer connection with their audience.