Business networking at events is so old school. Nowadays, if you want to really make an impact with someone professionally, you need to find new ways to meet people. That means hitting up apps you never dreamed would get you jobs — including fitness and dating apps. 

Believe it or not, dating apps like Tinder and Hinge, with their millions of users, are being used for professional advancement. Where romantic opportunities fail, business opportunities flourish. In fact, apps in general are part of a growing trend of professional networking.

The editors at, the digital business publication, wanted to see which surprising business and career growth opportunities exist in the digital realm. So, they researched unconventional networking channels that can help people make smart career choices. You won’t believe what they’ve discovered.

The Top 12 Most Surprising Social Platforms for Business Networking in 2019

1. Reddit – estimated number of users: 234 million – User-generated social news

2. TikTok – estimated number of TikTok followers or users: 80 million – Short-form video sharing

3. Foursquare – estimated number of users: 50 million – Local business search and discovery

4. Mix – estimated number of users: 40 million – Discovering unique things online

5. Meetup – estimated number of users: 35 million – Organizing online groups and in-person social events

6. WeHeartIt – estimated number of users: 30 million – Sharing inspiring images

7. Fitbit – estimated number of users: 25 million – Fitness and health tracking

8. Goodreads – estimated number of users: 25 million – Connecting readers and sharing book reviews

9. Whisper – estimated number of users: 20 million – Anonymously sharing secrets publicly

10. Couchsurfing – estimated number of users: 14 million – Hospitality and home-sharing

11. AncestryDNA – estimated number of users: 10 million – DNA tests and ancestry information

12. Hinge – estimated number of users: 3.8 million – Dating and relationships

FitSmallBusiness editors used this baseline criteria to compile the digital platform ranking:

• Not business-specific

• Available for free

• 1 million-plus users

• Available nationwide

• Of general interest

“Sometimes we forget how clever people are,” says Sarah Wright-Killinger, Managing Editor, FitSmallBusiness. She added: “There will always be people who will figure out a new way to market themselves.”

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