Phoenix-based Amanda Hope Rainbow Angels received the inaugural iATS Innovator Award for incubators. The prize is valued at $5,000 and is given by Vancouver-based iATS Payments, a payment solutions provider for nonprofits around the world.  

Amanda Hope Rainbow Angels delivers comfortable clothes for children undergoing chemotherapy, supporting healthcare professionals in providing person-centered care to children, and giving a voice to families to help deal with the harsh protocols in the healthcare system.  

Amanda Hope was chosen as the recipient of the iATS Innovator Award, Incubator award for its commitment to providing over 7,000 children with comfortable clothes and services to deal with their traumatic illness.  

“Winning the iATS Innovator Award in the Incubator category gives us an amazing opportunity to strengthen our organization and our ability to continue being the agents of change for childhood cancer warriors,” said Lorraine Tallman, founder and CEO of Amanda Hope Rainbow Angels. “iATS has been a great company to work with because their services allow us to connect with our donors, improving our operational efficiencies and ability to maintain those relationships. We are so grateful for this collaboration!” 

Amanda Hope Rainbow Angels was selected from almost 250 North American nonprofits. IATS Payments launched its Innovator Awards to give back to nonprofits and assist them with access to resources that will help the nonprofits succeed.