From social services to culture, Arizona’s future is dependent upon the viability and strength of the nonprofit community. The Arizona Nonprofit Academy is a central resource in developing a vibrant philanthropic base of support teaching organizations to perform at their highest level in order to achieve their service missions.

Using workshops, panel discussions and conferences, the Arizona Nonprofit Academy campaigns for stronger nonprofit outcomes across the state. 

“This is a legacy issue for so many of us,” explains founder Julia C. Patrick.  “As Arizona moves into the next 100 years we need to refocus our attention on the nonprofit community and how they are going to sustain themselves.”

Bringing together nonprofit and for-profit leaders, as well as volunteers and donors, the Arizona Nonprofit Academy takes the approach that educating organizations about the business side of philanthropy will allow them to flourish.  “As our nonprofits define their service areas and goals, they often have basic business needs that go unaddressed,” adds Patrick.  The workshops focus on specific topics such as writing a press release, developing a board of directors and organizing charity events.   The Arizona Nonprofit Academy has also scheduled workshops that address the process of cultivating donors, selling naming rights and reading financial reports.

The calendar of workshops also includes panel discussions from some of the Valley’s largest donors and corporate givers.  “We want the Arizona Nonprofit Academy to open the dialog between the various sectors of our community actively involved in giving,” adds Ann Cothron, Arizona Nonprofit Academy Project Manager.

Workshops begin in June and have been scheduled through December 31, 2014.  Classes range in price from $39 to $49 and run about two hours in length.  All workshops can be registered for online at

KJZZ 91.5, KBACH 89.5, Univision Arizona, Herberger Theater Center, MIM and Frontdoors News are just some of the organizations behind this new initiative.