There are over 1.5 million charities in the US alone, all fighting for the same donations. Recent studies have shown that millennials, though they give the most to charity, also give the most infrequently and represent a difficult market for fundraising. New Phoenix-based startup, Charity Crate, hopes to change charity in the social media age by combining the effectiveness of crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo with the popularity of subscription boxes that appeal to millennials.

Their approach is simple. Every month subscribers can pledge support to a deserving animal, environmental or children’s charity then look forward to receiving one of their special Charity Crates delivered to their front door. Each crate sends a $15.00 pledge back and comes with a shirt and exciting products dedicated to that month’s charity. It’s a great way to discover new nonprofit organizations and feel connected to them in the process.

For the charities that partner with Charity Crate, the opportunity to be featured in a mini crowdfunding campaign is an invaluable one. Besides being a great fundraising tool, the platform also helps raise awareness for their work when subscribers inevitably share their Charity Crates online through social media.

To help launch their new charity-focused crowdfunding service, Charity Crate is of course, looking towards crowdfunding. They’ve recently launched an Indiegogo campaign of their own in an effort to spread their message among the very donors they are looking to get excited about giving to charity. “I saw the absolute wringer smaller nonprofits go through just to make ends meet and thought there had to be a better way to connect donors with the causes they care about.” said Cameron Dueker, founder of Charity Crate. “Our Indiegogo campaign is designed to help us accelerate in the crowded subscription box market.”

You can help show your support by visiting Charity Crate’s Indiegogo campaign to learn more or by visiting their website at to begin helping deserving charities when you subscribe to Charity Crate.

Charity Crate is a new crowdfunding service that helps to connect charities in need with younger donors through the appeal of subscription boxes.