Tyler Butler, a former GoDaddy executive and passionate professional working toward helping companies operate with a conscience, has launched a new consultancy called 11Eleven Consulting. 

Embracing the trend of more companies taking steps towards operating as responsible businesses, Butler saw an opportunity to effectively make these transitions. Connecting communities, companies and causes, 11Eleven Consulting incorporates visionary principles, diverse perspectives and sustainable practices to create programs that benefit society and build positive sentiment for brands.

“I personally have passion and a big heart for charitable causes,” Butler said. “I believe so many organizations want to give back and make a difference in the communities they serve, but it’s difficult to figure out where to start. That’s where 11Eleven Consulting comes in – we want to make the process of corporate giving as impactful and strategic as possible.”

Butler brings an electric energy to everything she is committed to and thrives by rallying people together to make a positive difference. Not only did Butler lead GoDaddy’s global philanthropic efforts as their Director of Corporate Social Responsibility, but she successfully enabled efforts that educated, engaged and activated more than 5,000 employees during the time in which GoDaddy moved from a private to publicly traded company.  Additionally, Butler assisted with the creation of many diversity and inclusion programs that continue to assist in GoDaddy’s success with such distinctions as their placement on Fortune’s top 100 places to work list. 

Many of the programs Butler created for companies are still hallmarks of their giving efforts and remain as signature campaigns that they rally behind to this day. Through Butler’s vision and experience she has been successful at increasing positive public sentiment for the businesses she represents and the same will hold true at 11Eleven.  Having only a few months in business it is a real testament to Butler’s leadership as her firm already has a few tech startups and valley based TechForce Foundation amongst the client roster.  “Companies and brands must act and communicate about how they positively impact their employees, communities and environment,” Butler said. “Brands that address these changing expectations increase loyalty, build trust, and ultimately strengthen their business and impact society.

Clients can engage with 11Eleven Consultancy services ranging from strategic planning and program implementation to communications and operations management.  To launch this unique firm 11Eleven Consulting will be presenting the Cause We Care Series.  Through a cycle of fundraising and awareness events 11Eleven will put its motto of helping others to do well by doing good into practice by activating spirited social events that will partner with local businesses to benefit local causes and charities.