The Arizona Chapter of the Hospitality Sales & Marketing Association International (HSMAI), announced that it has named SniffAZ as their Charity of the Year for 2018.

SniffAZ is a nonprofit organization with the purpose of raising awareness of the need for spay and neuter of companion animals while generating funds for existing organizations that actively deliver spay and neuter services in Maricopa County, Arizona. SniffAZ’s efforts drive a reduction in unintended litters, thus reducing space-related euthanasia rates.

“Partnering up with SniffAZ for the Chinese “Year of the Dog” could not be a more “paw”fect fit!  This is a pivotal year for SniffAZ and our HSMAI members really have a chance to make an impact on their organization.  There are going to be many exciting opportunities to help our furry friends and help Arizona’s euthanasia rates decrease through this wonderful partnership.  Thank you in advance to all the amazing HSMAI volunteers that are going to join us in making this the doggone best year yet,” shared Stephanie Liegeois, HSMAI Arizona director of community relations and general manager at Bon Appetit @ MIM Musical Instrument Museum.

Additionally, Liz Sharp, chairman of the board and co-founder of SniffAZ shared, “As an all-volunteer organization, we are proud and honored to be named the 2018 Charity of the Year by HSMAI.  Our ability to provide much-needed support for spay/neuter services in the Valley will be helped by HSMAI’s fundraising events and a highly dedicated group of amazing volunteers. Since 2012, we have helped fund over 6,000 spay/neuter surgeries in Arizona communities with the highest need.  With the support of HSMAI, we look forward to continuing to help improve the health and quality of life for even more companion animals and their families in 2018.”

Over the past five years, SniffAZ has raised $375,000 resulting in 5,769 animals receiving free spay/neuter surgeries and therefore, 2,885 shelter animals saved. SniffAZ’s passion and fundraising initiatives for this deserving cause greatly support lowering the number of animals taken in by shelters and reduce euthanasia rates in Maricopa County, which remains the second highest intake county in the United States – second only to Los Angeles County.

Throughout 2018, HSMAI Arizona and SniffAZ will work closely on a variety of events and initiatives. A marquee benefit event will be HSMAI’s 36th annual Chinese Auction, which celebrates “Year of the Dog,” aligning perfectly with SniffAZ’s very important cause. The 2018 Chinese Auction will be held on July 13th at The Scottsdale Plaza Resort beginning at 5:30 pm. For event information on the event or to purchase tickets, contact Joanne Winter at

About SniffAZ

SniffAZ was incorporated in 2010 after a gap was recognized within the animal welfare community – the need for spay/neuter to prevent unwanted litters. This need includes both fundraising and education.

Their purpose is to support existing organizations already delivering spay/neuter services to companion animals within Maricopa County, with the overall goal of reducing euthanasia rates and overcrowding of Valley animal shelters.

The organization’s fundraising efforts are focused on bringing animal lovers together with fun and productive events that will positively impact the animal welfare community. SniffAZ is a 100% volunteer organization with no paid staff. Donation’s raised from events and grants go directly to funding spay/neuter surgeries in our community.

Since 2012, SniffAZ supporters have donated $375,000, which has funded 5,769 free spay/neuter surgeries and therefore saved the lives of 2,885 shelter animals, all in Maricopa County. The results speak for themselves:

• 84% reduction in euthanasia rates since 2005

• 79% reduction in euthanasia rates since 2012

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