Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture awards $800K to 55 organizations

Nonprofit | 5 Jul, 2016 |

Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton believes a vibrant arts community is instrumental in creating a strong economy and as a result the Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture increased the amount of funds being distributed to local non-profit arts and culture organizations.

This year the Community Arts Support Grants Program will award a total of $865,346 to 55 non-profit organizations serving the residents of Phoenix through arts and culture activities.

Approved by Mayor and Council on June 22, 2016, the funding allocation includes a $60,000 increase to the grants program.  “We can’t create a strong economy without a vibrant arts community, which is why we tripled our funding for the arts over the past four years,” said Mayor Stanton.  “This year we were able to amplify that investment in the arts and culture sector through our grants program.  The outstanding organizations receiving these funds will help our economy, bringing artistic excellence and cultural vibrancy to our community.”

Grant funds support the general operating costs of major, midsize, and small arts and culture organizations, specific arts projects related to festivals, as well as arts learning activities.  Funds are also allocated to a rental support program operated by the Office of Arts and Culture in partnership with the Phoenix Convention Center.

According to Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture Executive Director, Gail Browne, arts and culture organizations in Phoenix provided approximately 7,000 performances, 300 exhibitions, 2,500 classes and workshops, and 3,000 school programs last year. “The arts and culture sector supported by these grants contributes more than $300 million in economic impact and generates more than $14 million in Phoenix tax revenue, based on the last economic study of the sector.”

All grants are dollar-for-dollar matching grants, requiring grantees to raise funds from corporations, foundations and/or individuals in the city of Phoenix. Organizations that received general operating support provide substantial outreach and education programs to the community. General operating support grant recipients include Alwun House, Arizona Jewish Historical Society, Arizona Opera, Arizona Science Center, Arizona Theatre Company, Ballet Arizona, Black Theatre Troupe, Children’s Museum of Phoenix, Cultural Coalition, Desert Botanical Garden, Grand Canyon Performing Arts, Great Arizona Puppet Theater, Heard Museum, iTheatre Collaborative, Jazz at AZ/The Nash, Musica Nova,  Musical Instrument Museum, Orpheus Male Chorus of Phoenix, Phoenix Art Museum, Phoenix Boys Choir Phoenix Center for the Arts, Phoenix Chamber Music Society, Phoenix Children’s Chorus,  Phoenix Chorale, Phoenix Conservatory of Music,  Phoenix Film Foundation, Phoenix Symphony, Phoenix Theatre, Rosie’s House: A Music Academy for Children, Roosevelt Row CDC, Scorpius Dance  Theatre, Valley Youth Theatre, Young Arts Arizona, and Xico.

Arts and culture learning grant recipients support lifelong learning in the arts through projects in partnership with schools, businesses, social service organizations, parks, recreational centers, libraries, senior centers and more. Festival grant awards support public festivals that highlight an arts or cultural discipline, or multi-disciplinary celebration of a specific culture. Festival and arts and culture learning grant recipients include the Arab American Festival, Arizona Matsuri, Artlink, Cultural Coalition, Cyphers Center for Urban Arts, Essential Theatre, Flamenco Por La Vida, Grand Avenue Arts & Preservation, Honest Words/Open Minds, India Association of Phoenix, Indo American Cultural Connect, Movement Source, Inc. Orpheus Male Chorus of Phoenix, Phoenix Blues Society, Phoenix Chinese Week, Phoenix St. Patrick’s Day Parade & Irish Society of Arizona, Red Rocks Music Festival, Rising Youth Theatre, The Rag Collection, and Young Arts Arizona. General Operating Support III organizations are allowed to also submit proposals in a project category. Cultural Coalition, Orpheus Male Chorus of Arizona and Young Arts Arizona received grants in two categories. In an effort to encourage emerging organizations to apply, the grants program allows for the use of fiscal agents in the project categories.  Five organizations using fiscal agents received funding this year.

Through the Rental Support Program a total of $250,000 is awarded to major cultural organizations that help revitalize the Phoenix downtown corridor through their presentations in city-owned performing arts facilities, Symphony Hall, Orpheum Theater and Herberger Theater Center.  Grantees include Arizona Opera, Arizona Theatre Company, Ballet Arizona, Center Dance Ensemble, iTheatre Collaborative, Phoenix Symphony and Valley Youth Theatre.

The Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture, established by the Phoenix City Council in 1985, works to foster a sense of cultural identity, celebrate diversity and ensure an outstanding quality of community life.   The Office is advised by a 22-member Phoenix Arts and Culture Commission.

A listing of the total amounts awarded to all grant recipients follows. Asterisked organizations also receive rental support.

Alwun House                                                              $   5,000

Arab American Festival                                              $   3,150

Arizona Jewish Historical Society                              $   7,835

Arizona Matsuri                                                          $   3,500

*Arizona Opera                                                           $ 37,354

Arizona Science Center                                               $ 48,354

*Arizona Theatre Company                                        $ 78,909

Artlink                                                                         $   1,800

*Ballet Arizona                                                           $ 62,792

Black Theatre Troupe                                                  $   9,750

*Center Dance Ensemble                                            $ 10,357

Children’s Museum of Phoenix                                  $ 31,080

Cultural Coalition                                                        $   8,500

Cyphers Center for Urban Arts                                   $   3,500

Desert Botanical Garden                                             $ 59,108

Essential Theatre                                                         $   3,500

Flamenco Por La Vida                                    $   2,450

Grand Avenue Arts & Preservation                            $   3,500

Grand Canyon Performing Arts                                  $   5,000

Great Arizona Puppet Theatre                         $ 13,464

Heard Museum                                                           $ 36,218

Honest Words, Open Minds                                       $   2,190

India Association of Phoenix                                      $   2,800

Indo American Cultural Connect                                 $   3,325

*iTheatre Collaborative                                               $   8,325

Jazz in AZ/The Nash                                                   $ 13,653

Movement Source Inc.                                                $   2,000

Musica Nova                                                               $   5,000

Musical Instrument Museum                                      $ 31,771

Orpheus Male Chorus of Phoenix                              $   7,700

Phoenix Art Museum                                                  $ 20,291

Phoenix Blues Society                                    $   2,800

Phoenix Boys Choir Assn.                                         $ 16,493

Phoenix Center for the Arts                                        $ 16,114

Phoenix Chamber Music Society                                $ 10,204

Phoenix Children’s Chorus                                         $ 15,072

Phoenix Chinese Week                                               $   3,500

Phoenix Chorale                                                          $ 13,294

Phoenix Conservatory of Music                                 $ 15,587

Phoenix Film Foundation                                            $ 11,206

Phoenix St. Patrick’s Day & Irish Society                  $   2,100

*Phoenix Symphony Association                               $ 99,449

Phoenix Theatre                                                          $ 30,400

Red Rocks Music Festival                                          $   3,150

Rising Youth Theatre                                                  $   3,325

Roosevelt Row CDC                                                  $   5,000

Rosie’s House: A Music Academy for Children        $ 15,355

Scorpius Dance Theatre                                              $   5,000

The Rag Collection                                                      $   3,500

*Valley Youth Theatre                                                $ 39,087

Young Arts Arizona                                                   $   8,500

Xico                                                                            $ 13,966




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