Tempe Community Action Agency (TCAA) is merging with the volunteer-driven nonprofit Tempe Neighbors Helping Neighbors to better serve older adults in Tempe.  

Tempe Neighbors Helping Neighbors (TNHN) offers a range of in-home support for older adults in Tempe who are struggling to live independently and age in place. TNHN’s services will be integrated into TCAA’s broad menu of services for seniors, effective March 1.

TCAA already offers a wide range of programs designed to help individuals, families and seniors overcome crises, reach their potential, become more self-reliant, and contribute to their community. The organization’s current Senior Independence Program operates activities and meals at Tempe and Scottsdale senior centers, provides transportation between seniors’ homes and the senior centers, as well as offers home-delivered meal services for home-bound seniors and adults with disabilities.

With the integration of TNHN’s in-home services, TCAA will be able to assist Tempe seniors with additional needs such as home maintenance, yard care, pet care, technology assistance, social/wellness visits, and health-related transportation to medical appointments, the grocery store, and the like.

“For more than 40 years TCAA has worked to help Tempe seniors maintain their health, wellness and independence as they age. We recognize the need for support among our most vulnerable seniors, including those with limited resources and who are living alone, continues to increase as this population grows,” said TCAA Executive Director Deborah Arteaga. “We’re thrilled to enhance our menu of in-home support available to seniors with the integration of Tempe Neighbors Helping Neighbors’ services.”

Tempe Neighbors was established in 2009 with the mission to help senior citizens in their homes and communities as they age. As a result of the merger, TCAA will be able to reach more seniors across the Tempe community and can offer additional resources that it did not have the capacity for in the past. 

“TNHN board members and volunteers have worked hard to build our program over the past ten years for this exact moment,” said Woody Wilson, TNHN co-founder and board president. “The hardest thing we have had to accomplish in those ten years is making people understand that aging in place for the Baby Boom generation is going to be a critical human service issue for years to come. Merging with TCAA’s larger staff and corps of volunteers will put Tempe ahead of the curve on providing services to our seniors and their quality of life will be assured for years to come.”

TCAA is seeking additional volunteers to help the organization as it expands its services for seniors through the merger.