During the month of September, over 8,000 Subway restaurants, including more than 350 in the Phoenix-area, joined together to feed their local neighbors in need by donating 4.8 million meals to their local area food banks, including 150,000 meals in the Phoenix-area. Over 90 local food banks in the Feeding America® network across 28 states will be able to feed those facing food insecurity in their community. 

This effort was held in September, which Feeding America® has designated Hunger Action Month to mobilize communities to fight hunger in America. The 2019 Feed the Need campaign is one of many actions taken by Subway and the thousands of local Franchise Owners to fight hunger and food insecurity around the world. 

“Arizona is tied as the 5th worst state in the United States for overall food insecurity. This program helped ease the burden of hunger by raising 150,000 meals for our Central and Northern

Arizona communities,” says Chad Barnett, a local Subway franchisee, adding that Subway Restaurants of Arizona’s nonprofit arm – Subway Kids & Sports of Arizona – is also donating more than $60,000 to children in need statewide to give them access to sports and wellness programs during the 2019-2020 school year this month.

To learn more about the local area food banks included in Feeding the Need, visit: http://www.subway.com/FeedTheNeed

To learn more about hunger, please visit: www.feedingamerica.org